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Gallery: When Android flagships collide

When Android flagships collide

SINGAPORE — If you are looking to upgrade your smartphone, there is no better time to do it than right now. All the top Android smartphone manufacturers have unveiled their...

Gallery: Be a mecha warrior in Titanfall

Be a mecha warrior in Titanfall

SINGAPORE — First-person shooter games might feel repetitive, especially with the Call Of Duty and Battlefield series having multiple sequels, but it looks like there is now a...

Gallery: Powerful, but short lived

Powerful, but short lived

SINGAPORE — Cordless vacuum cleaners, while perfect for quick cleans, have never been extremely powerful. Still, with houses shrinking in size a bulky corded vacuum cleaner isn...

Re-Surfacing works

Re-Surfacing works

SINGAPORE — At one point during my test of the Microsoft Surface 2, I found myself confronted by a number of unresponsive windows, with an error message on each. I was trying...