Disaster Drills in Acehnese Schools

Schools are more prepared than ever against disasters in Aceh, especially after the 2004 tsunami. TODAY takes a light-hearted look at an evacuation exercise at Fajar Hidayah Boarding School in Banda Aceh, where an excuse for students to get out of class might just one day save their lives.

Conflict in Aceh

December 20
Conflict in Aceh

The tsunami put an end to conflict which plagued Aceh for close to three decades. TODAY speaks to two Acehnese women on life in Aceh before and after the tsunami.

Minister Tan Chuan-Jin's visit to Meulaboh

Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin, who served as the commander of the SAF's Humanitarian Assistance Task force in Meulaboh following the 2004 tsunami, tells TODAY of his experiences during the mission.

A tour of the Singapore Sports Institute

TODAY visits the Singapore Sports Institute and finds out what's special about the facilities. Take a tour of the human performance lab, athlete's service centre, sports nutrition lab and more.