Authorities should monitor food hygiene at pasar malams

Authorities should monitor food hygiene at pasar malams
Safeguards should be put in place at pasar malam stalls to ensure customer health. Photo: Ronnie Poon Beng Choon

Ronnie Poon Beng Choon

Published: 4:15 AM, May 11, 2016

I have seen more “pasar malam” stalls being set up lately in public housing estates — almost every other month at the same locations. “Malam” is no longer the right word, as the stalls are operating day and night.

I can understand that this helps residents to supplement their household income, but my concern is about food hygiene, as more stalls are selling food instead of goods.

Cooking along pavements by the side of busy roads, or in open areas with insects, is a health hazard.

How are the authorities monitoring the food hygiene of such stalls? What safeguards are in place for customers?

Nothing drastic may have happened to date, but let us not take this for granted and live to regret it should food poisoning happen one day.