A job database to help those with disabilities?


abhimanyau pal

Published: 4:02 AM, September 28, 2013
Updated: 4:00 AM, September 30, 2013

Executive Director, Society for the Physically Disabled

The Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) supports Mr David Soh’s call for a central database of job-seekers (“Have centralised job database, MOM”; Sept 25). This database should also support job placement agencies for persons with disabilities, like the SPD’s Employment Support Programme.

Placement agencies have high data management needs, such as managing job-seeker profiles, their job preferences and tracking their historical transactions with the placement service.

Agencies serving persons with disabilities must track added information, such as type of disability, accommodations required and assistive technologies needed.

While voluntary welfare organisations receive government funding for providing job placement services, the funding does not support the development of a database. There are also no economies of scale for individual placement services to set up stand-alone databases.

Placement agencies now struggle to meet these data management requirements, and the lack of proper database solutions impacts the agencies’ efficiency.

In Hong Kong, the Labour Department administers the Interactive Selective Placement Services, a central database open to job-seekers and placement service providers.

With technology, such a centralised job database is within our reach. Besides helping mainstream employees and employers, this could help relevant agencies in enabling persons with disability to be employed.