With more people eating out, healthy hawker fare is a must

With more people eating out, healthy hawker fare is a must
The Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Dining Programme is extended to include food in hawker centres and coffee shops. Consumers can look out for the 'lower in calories' visual identifiers at participating hawker stalls under the Healthier Dining Programme, to identify the healthier dishes. Photo: Health Promotion Board

Gan Kok Tiong

Published: 4:00 AM, July 13, 2017
Updated: 9:56 AM, July 13, 2017

Having more healthy choices at cooked-food stalls makes sense (HPB pushing for more healthy hawker food options by 2019; July 10).

The last Housing and Development Board Sample Household Survey (2013) showed that 64.4 per cent of households patronised hawker centres at least weekly, up from 57.7 per cent in 2008.

With family nuclearisation and smaller household sizes, healthier hawker food could replace home-cooked food, saving time on chores and preparations for cooking at home. Cost-wise, hawker food may not be different from home-cooked food. But it has more variety.

Healthy hawker food, plus neighbourhood parks, fitness corners, hard courts and jogging tracks in HDB estates, is the way forward to make residents healthier.