Road safety is a shared responsibility


Helen Lim and Ho Yenn Dar

Published: 4:02 AM, August 7, 2013
Updated: 9:40 PM, August 7, 2013

Helen Lim is Director, Media Relations, Land Transport Authority

Ho Yenn Dar is Assistant Director, Public Communications, Singapore Police Force

We refer to Mr David See’s letter, “Action plan needed to curb senseless carnage on roads” (July 24).

Safer Roads Singapore (SRS), a concerted action plan that aims to shape norms and make safe and courteous road behaviour a way of life, was launched in March.

Under SRS, a series of initiatives has been introduced to change the attitudes and behaviour of road users, including attitudes towards drink driving, jaywalking, speeding and beating the red light.

Through a three-pronged approach of education, engagement and enforcement, we want to create a culture where safe road use is instinctive and a personal responsibility. It is important that we take decisive steps against irresponsible behaviour that puts others at risk.

However, we cannot achieve this alone. Road safety is a shared responsibility, and individual road users have to take responsibility for their behaviour. Drivers must give way to pedestrians crossing the street.

At locations, where needed, measures such as turning pockets, guiding lines or lighted road studs help remind motorists to give way to pedestrians when turning.

But ultimately, road users must exercise due care when approaching pedestrian crossings, slow down and be alert to pedestrian movement.

Public buses are subject to mandatory six-monthly periodic inspections to ensure that they remain roadworthy and safe. The authorities also regularly engage public transport operators and their drivers to reinforce their road-safety awareness. The bus operators require all their bus drivers to undergo training and road familiarisation before they can operate the buses.

Every life matters. Many road accidents can be prevented if we are alert and practise safe and courteous road use. This will be an ongoing effort, and we will need the support of all road users to achieve safer roads.

We thank Mr See for his feedback. Members of the public who wish to provide feedback on traffic issues can write to the Land Transport Authority at feedback@LTA.gov.sg or the Traffic Police at SPF_TP_Feedback@spf.gov.sg.