‘Samurai’ man on train shows need for auxiliary police at every station


Law Yong Wei

Published: 4:03 AM, December 21, 2013
Updated: 4:00 AM, December 23, 2013

I refer to the report, “‘Samurai’ who wielded sword on train arrested” (Dec 17). The incident signals that there are still lapses in Singapore’s transport network security.

First, how could he have had the freedom to carry on his journey on the train? He should have been stopped, disarmed and led away from the station. Imagine if he had used his sword in the crowded train.

Second, staff at MRT stations are unarmed and unable to react to situations involving weapons. They are highly dependent on Transcom officers, leaving a time gap. To improve security, perhaps there should also be auxiliary police at every station.

Auxiliary police officers are armed to protect the public and trained to manage such situations.

They could serve as first responders, which gives the assurance that these situations would receive prompt attention while the Singapore Police Force is being alerted.

I hope that our transport network will be better protected, setting the standard for security excellence.