Sole provider of fibre network = Inefficient?


Ang Kia Wee

Published: 6:53 PM, July 10, 2013
Updated: 11:10 AM, July 11, 2013

As the sole company appointed by the authorities to install the fibre network, is OpenNet getting complacent?

Thus far, I have been disappointed with its inefficiency in managing the installation of my Fibre Optical Network Terminal (ONT), and I doubt that I am the only one with this problem.

Last month, I signed up for a fibre services plan with MyRepublic and was informed that OpenNet would be available to install the ONT only after three weeks.

On June 25, four days before the appointment, I was told via SMS that there would be a delay, as OpenNet was having technical difficulties, and that I should wait for around one to two weeks. Yesterday, when I called to check, I was told that I need to wait for another fortnight.

In two weeks’ time, will I be told of another delay? Furthermore, I am paying S$128 just to have an ONT installed, which is a lot for terrible service. Is OpenNet suitable to be the sole provider of fibre network connection?

If public bus operators can get fined for late buses, then OpenNet should also be penalised for inconveniencing Singaporeans.