Why go after hawkers over price hikes?


Lim Yong Soon

Published: 4:00 AM, July 14, 2017

I refer to the report “MTI, competition watchdog looking into price hikes by drink stalls” (July 10). Why should the authorities go after small players like hawkers — over a hike of 10 cents?

Why not put these resources into checking cafes that charge higher prices for coffee, telcos that remove a service but continue to charge the same fee, or rental rates in malls, to name a few?

We pride ourselves on having a free market. Even if a hawker charges $1.50 for good coffee, and customers pay, should he be monitored?

It would be hard on hawkers, who ply a decent trade and provide good food, to have to justify their price hikes. Consumers have a choice, so let us not pick on the small players.