Why is there no interchange station at DTL3 intersection?


Tan Chin Aik

Published: 4:00 AM, June 19, 2017

I refer to the Land Transport Authority’s reply to Mr Tan Hsiao Wei, “Exits, re-entries at separate stations counted as different trips” (June 16).

Like Mr Tan, I had the same query with regard to the inverted ribbon part of Downtown Line 3.

At the “intersection” between Rochor station (DT13), Bencoolen station (DT21) and Jalan Besar station (DT22), if there is an interchange station, it would have greatly reduced travelling time, especially between these three stations.

Instead of addressing Mr Tan’s point, LTA’s deputy group director for Policy and Planning Ong Hui Guan gave reasons why commuters transferring between Rochor and Jalan Besar stations will be considered as having made two separate journeys.

It would have been meaningful to explain why tweaks cannot be made to the system in view of the benefits they would bring to commuters in terms of the significant travelling time saved.

In addition, I am sure the public would like to have a better understanding of why there was no interchange station in the original plan, which would obviously make for a more effective journey on this line.

This issue brings up the perennial bugbear of the need for governmental departments to improve communication as well as engagement with the public.