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Enhance police skills in sexual assault cases

The recent Committee of Inquiry and subsequent public discussions have addressed the possibility of enhancing Singapore’s police capability in areas requiring specialised skills...

Revised IPPT represents a lowering of standards

I read about the new Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) with mixed feelings. It appears that we have lowered our passing standards and, consequently, sacrificed some of...

IPPT should be a struggle that builds our strengths

It is commendable that measures have been taken to make it easier for those who find that they lack time to condition themselves for the current Individual Physical Proficiency...

Unlock value of property to boost retirement cash

I refer to the report “Is ‘generous’ use of CPF funds a threat to retirement adequacy?” (July 23). As per my quote accompanying the report, the issue is how to achieve perpetual...

Restrict the number of large jackpot draws

Whether the National Council on Problem Gambling’s latest campaign was effective is debatable, but it created a buzz, and awareness is a good start.

Civil Service must keep national interest in mind

I agree with Mr Devadas Krishnadas that the Civil Service should discharge its duties in the national interest and not those of any political parties. (“Civil Service: Keeping...

Another reason to fine-tune Minimum Sum scheme

The Central Provident Fund Minimum Sum is a prudent, effective scheme. A sore point, however, is that certain members do not have the required sum for various reasons.