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Family, friends likeliest source of care for seniors

Recently, Channel NewsAsia’s Get Real programme featured the anguish and struggles of senior citizens living alone in one-room flats, fending for themselves despite their poor...

Police officers went extra mile for son with autism

Recently, my autistic adult son was admitted to the Institute of Mental Health with help from officers at the Neighbourhood Police Post near my home at Marine Crescent, and I am...

Help foreign spouses to better overcome hurdles

I am glad new measures were announced to help prospective transnational couples plan better for their future. (“New moves to smooth way for transnational marriages here”; Oct 25)

How electricity tariff is set

In “Benefits of declining oil prices not trickling down to consumers” (Oct 23), Mr Narayana Narayana asked about the methodology for setting the electricity tariff, which...

Design HDB flats such that households can save energy

The report “HDB seeking to channel sunlight into basements” (Oct 27) stated that the Housing and Development Board (HDB) is seeking to use sunlight as a lighting or energy...

Cost, resident feedback have priority in home upgrading schemes

We thank Mr Jolly Wee for his feedback on the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) and Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP). (“Take more steps to conserve energy, reduce noise, HDB...