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SAF acts when absolutely needed

There has been some discussion on the Singapore Armed Forces’ (SAF) support during train service disruptions. The SAF’s primary responsibility is to safeguard Singapore’s peace...

Govt can aid those at risk of eviction from own flat

I applaud the Fresh Start Housing Scheme, which will help low-income families who live in rental units and would otherwise be stuck in poverty (“Plan to help families in rental...

Best to engage face to face too

The report “Social media shaping up to be key front in GE15” (Aug 25), summarises Singapore’s political social media landscape today. The narrative is similar to places such as...

Recycling: Educate, legislate, cooperate

I agree with Mr Richard Hartung’s commentary “S’pore can do far more to encourage recycling” (Aug 25). The Government must take the lead in recycling initiatives. There are...

Best deterrence against illegal hawkers? Don’t buy from them

We thank Mr Edwin Lim for his feedback in “Engage public to deter illegal hawkers” (Aug 22). Illegal hawking poses a public health risk and can cause public disamenities.

Set firm rules for parking provisions for motorcycles

As a motorcyclist of 15 years, I have been wondering why more buildings do not allow motorcycle parking (“Allow motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians their space on the roads”...