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Age shouldn’t be factor in pay package

I refer to the letters “Let people work as long as they are medically fit”, “Laws needed to ban forced retirement because of age” (both March 4) and “Singapore should discard...

Have bigger dreams for children with autism

I thank Ms Alison Cannon for clarifying several important issues in her letter “Speech therapy not just about speaking” (Feb 27).

Laws needed to ban forced retirement because of age

I share the sentiments expressed in “Singapore should discard concept of fixed retirement age” (March 2). This issue is crucial, given that Singapore has one of the fastest...

Dyslexic children in secondary school need more help

While it is heartening news that more is being done for children with dyslexia in primary school, children in secondary schools must not be neglected. (“More primary schools to...

Govt should continue social policies

I thank Associate Professor Eugene Tan for his commentary “Public spending an investment, not a mere expense” (March 3).

Stoke fan allegiance to S-League teams

One of the core problems, and probably the biggest problem, with the S-League is the dearth of interest in the league. Attendances have been low until now. (“Fingers crossed for...

NIR framework does not affect Temasek’s strategy, dividend policy

We thank Mr Kong Pih Shu for his letter (“Is it wise to use Temasek’s expected earnings for govt revenue?”, Feb 25) and would like to assure him on a few points.