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Three things MPs can do better in the House

I followed the recent parliamentary debates on the government budget with enthusiasm. I noticed, however, that Members of Parliament were reading almost word for word from...

Include maids in Employment Act

We thank Mr Leonard Poh for his feedback in “To promote domestic workers’ welfare, share anecdotes, best practices” (March 13).

Reduce wastage, but don’t forget benefits of writing

I would agree that we should be eco-warriors and reduce paper usage — and the many other ways we consume natural resources and leave our carbon footprint — where possible. (“Why...

Start school one hour later for happier children

I refer to the letter “Singapore’s time zone biggest contributor to sleeplessness problem” (March 18). The time zone as a cause of sleeplessness among Singaporeans is something...

LRTs not cost-effective, so let’s use buses instead

The frequency of LRT breakdowns is unacceptable. Moreover, it is difficult to determine how beneficial the LRT is to Singapore’s public transport network. (“Transport Ministry’s...

Reach out to domestic helpers who are helpless

It is common among the younger generation to have been looked after by domestic helpers. Both my parents worked, for example. To me, a domestic helper is not simply a servant in...

Retirement planning should start as early as possible

Retirement planning should not start at age 35, as suggested in “Offer retirement planning to CPF members aged 35 or 45” (March 11). It should start as early as possible, for...