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Explain reasons behind complicated fare system

The letter “Single flag-down fare system puts cabbies, passengers on equal ground” (Oct 18) was a perfectly succinct response to our taxi woes.

Start early on our retirement nest egg

The survey result that nearly one-third of Singaporeans over the age of 55 have not begun saving for retirement is alarming. (“44% of Singaporeans have not started saving for...

Set nutrition standards for hawker food, too

I refer to the report, “Nutrition guidelines set for food, drink ads aimed at children” (Oct 1). Such a policy should have been enacted years ago, as we should be more forward...

Hire consultant to fix taxi system

Despite the deregulation of our taxi industry to encourage competition, any improvement in service level so far does not seem to be very significant. Supply appears to still be...

Asia, not Silicon Valley, is where the action is

I am a serial entrepreneur who established several ventures in the United States, going back to 1982, and one of them — from 2000 to 2006 — hit the jackpot.

Zero vehicle growth rate would be more effective

To free up more land for public transport and infrastructure, our Government should consider a zero vehicle growth rate. (“Growth rate of vehicles to be halved”: Oct 17)