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Train breakdowns: Do not neglect coordination efforts

I was glad to hear on this week’s Talking Point, “The day the trains stood still”, SMRT and the Land Transport Authority vowing to work harder to identify the root cause of last...

Shoddy DBSS projects puzzling

I refer to the report, “HDB urged to do more following defects in DBSS, BTO projects” (July 14).

Beef up rail checks, build second track

I refer to this week’s Talking Point, “The day the trains stood still”. Regular checks at short intervals should be conducted, and defective tracks should be changed before they...

Gallery: The new neighbourhood spirit

The new neighbourhood spirit

The neighbourhood spirit is very much alive as Mr Edmund Tay, 43, discovered. Like many Singaporeans, Mr Tay belongs to a close-knit, three-generation family. His mother-in-law...

Trade-offs needed to solve Singapore’s challenges

The Prime Minister has set out three key challenges Singapore will face in the next 50 years, and more discussion is perhaps needed about the potential trade-offs among these (...

Help PSA pensioners with MediShield Life premiums

PSA Corporation pensioners are in a predicament because of MediShield Life. They enjoy the same benefits as government pensioners, in that the employer bears their medical...

Disperse crowds quickly during train disruptions

It is not possible to maintain a 100 per cent breakdown-free MRT system, but more can be done in contingency measures when breakdowns do occur (“The day the trains stood still”;...