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Cooling measures will let property market correct itself

While I do not disagree about the effects of panic selling in a property bubble, I disagree that the situation necessitates action from our authorities, as recommended in the...

Expose S’pore scholars to foreign ideas, cultures

The proposal in the letter “Rethink undergrad studies abroad for public scholars” (Sept 19) shocked me. Our scholars are the ones who should have maximum exposure.

40% of public sector scholars study locally

We thank Mr Richmond Lee for his comments in the letter “Rethink undergrad studies abroad for public scholars” (Sept 19). We agree that our local universities, such as the...

Fighters should stand trial when they return

The commentary “Making criminals out of returning ‘foreign fighters’ isn’t the answer” (Sept 23) highlights the human side of militants in Syria and Iraq.

Hard to offer iPhones on a silver platter

We thank Ms Chong Kai Xin for the opportunity to reiterate the steps StarHub took due to a last-minute change in iPhone 6 Plus colour availability. (“Unavailable iPhone upsets...

Curb supply to avert dangers of a burst property bubble

Mr Ku Swee Yong’s commentary, “Tidal wave of property supply hits S’pore” (Sept 19), was excellent in detailing the softening market for residential properties. He analysed and...