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To ensure effectiveness, KL should impose S$40 VEP fee

In reference to the report “S’pore will match KL’s moves on Causeway tolls” (July 29), I hope Malaysia will impose a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fee of RM100 (S$39), for it to be...

Games medals reflect high quality of local training

Singapore has won several medals at the Commonwealth Games. However, I have seen some online comments questioning the authenticity of some of the winners’ national identity and...

Local food joints should reveal source of meat

Local food joints should reveal source of meat

I wonder why there is no mention of the origin of the meat supply in the countless fast-food chains, especially, in Singapore. (“US meat supplier distances itself from Chinese...

Shackling, heckling non-mainstream voices not the way

In “Respect across all races, religions vital for Singapore: Heng” (July 22), the Education Minister said “good relationships can only be built if we better understand those...

A tribute to palliative nurses

I am a doctor who has been in a palliative home-care setting for eight years, and it being Nurses Day, I take the opportunity to pay tribute to my colleagues — palliative nurses.

Women’s Charter here to protect women

I refer to the letter, “Spouse who earns more should pay alimony” (July 26). The Women’s Charter is here to protect women. If men think really that they need protection, I can...

Social change only when implications are accepted

We should indeed try to note the perspectives of all parties when faced with difficult issues. When wider views are taken in, the decisions made can garner more public trust and...