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Everyone should play a part in kidney disease prevention

Given recent discussions on the rise of kidney disease here and its prevention, the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) feels that we should all come together to promote healthy...

Religion-based ideas in public sphere must face scrutiny

The writer of “Don’t let secular fundamentalism be the norm” (May 15) makes a simplistic argument for the unqualified acceptance and veracity of ideas based on religious or...

Logic and empathy should guide LGBT discourse

I refer to Mr Walid Jumblatt Abdullah’s letter “Don’t let secular fundamentalism be the norm” (May 15), and Mr Hairol Salim’s letter “Efforts of Pink Dot ambassadors should be...

Fine-tune appointment system at polyclinic

I refer to the letter, “Woodlands Polyclinic waiting time could’ve been managed better” (May 9). Tampines Polyclinic just underwent a renovation and, along with it, a revamp of...

Continue to promote family, but recognise others

A nation’s progress and maturity is not defined through the removal of laws to satisfy a group’s sexual rights (“Efforts of Pink Dot ambassadors should be lauded, not condemned”...

HDB should help deal with Trivelis developer

To ensure the objectives and policies of public housing are preserved, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) should intervene directly with the developer of Trivelis, rather...

Smugglers of animals deserve harsher punishments

I am aghast at how smugglers, for the sake of profits, go to great lengths and subject some animals to inhumane conditions to avoid detection by the authorities.

Singapore has always been fundamentally secular

I disagree with the writer’s views in the letter “Don’t let secular fundamentalism be the norm” (May 15). I think Singapore is fundamentally secular.

NUS medical school values integrity, compassion in doctors

We refer to Dr Patrick Kee’s letter “Doctors, society need injection of compassion” (May 11) and Dr Daniel Ng’s letter “Why is NUS medical school slipping in rankings?” (May 9).