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Why does road tax for van rise upon renewal of COE?

It was said in the report “Creating new COE category for smaller vans ‘not a good idea’” (Jan 21) that measures are in place to help small businesses, such as lower vehicle...

Cut S-League foreign player quota? FAS will look into it

We thank Mr Ivan Goh for his suggestions, in “Reduce foreign player quota in S-League” (Jan 22, online).

Address the needs of all in caregiving

As Singapore’s population ages, more carers will be required to fulfil eldercare needs.

Workers’ dorms should be considered private space

I am saddened that the proposed law to tackle public drinking designates workers’ dormitories as public spaces, where a drunk person who is unable to handle himself could be...

Inculcate Japanese civility in drinking

I refer to the reports “Islandwide limits on public drinking proposed” (Jan 20) and “Singapore’s proposed liquor laws vs other countries” (Jan 19, online).

Being realistic about volunteering

The letter “Be realistic about volunteer numbers” (Jan 19), referred to work, family and leisure time, and stated that “volunteering is an activity when time is in abundance”...

Reduce foreign player quota in S-League

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) recently announced the suspension of the Marquee Player Scheme, due to the continually rising costs of S-League club operations,...

Laws not central to debate on Paris attacks

One may agree or disagree with the Charlie Hebdo journalists, but the facts are that they knew they were threatened and, for not abandoning their idea of freedom, they paid the...

Alcohol curbs a boon for drinking outlets

The restriction on retail sales of alcohol will serve the interests of drinking establishments rather than the general public, as these licensed operators will become consumers’...