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Local retail businesses struggling with high costs

I read with concern the reports “S’pore’s retail sector ‘unsustainable, with too many malls’” and “Trouble ahead for stores as e-shopping bug bites” (March 18 and March 21).

Off-peak car schemes need fine-tuning

It is heartening to read that more people are using public transport. What would be ideal is if people can own cars to serve their ad hoc needs, but use public transport for...

Not all Sim Lim tenants are black sheep

Sim Lim Square has earnt itself a bad reputation because of recent reports of unscrupulous behaviour of some businesses there and this has had a visible effect on the crowd size.

Retail scene here lagging behind regional rivals

I refer to the report that Dubai-based conglomerate Al-Futtaim Group will close two John Little stores and a Marks & Spencer outlet in the months ahead (“S’pore’s retail sector ...

No shortcut to winning votes

I refer to the report, “NSP faces tough talent search in crowded political landscape” (March 3). As witnessed, talent migration, hunting and poaching seems to be the order of...

Proper materials management key to tackling rail hitches

I refer to the letter “Take holistic approach to improve rail reliability” (March 16). Having worked in multinational companies as a materials manager for 20 years, I recognise...

Shame to miss Golden Jubilee weekend for travel abroad

This is an auspicious year for Singapore as it reaches a milestone. Our economic success, social harmony and political stability would not have been possible without the hard...