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Questionable SingPost figures?

I refer to the letter “SingPost has invested over S$100m to meet rise in e-commerce” (Jan 24). Out of curiosity, I pulled out SingPost’s recent half-year results.

Let’s end the confusing taxi flag-down rates

In reference to last week’s Talking Point, “Where’s my taxi?”, my opinion is that the fares are indeed confusing, as different cabs have different flag-down rates. Usually, my...

Did SingPost investigate case fully?

I refute the response, “SingPost has invested over S$100m to meet rise in e-commerce” (Jan 24), with regard to my case.

Review wave of delistings on SGX

I applaud the attempt by the Singapore Exchange to improve the local stock exchange’s liquidity by reducing board lot sizes. (“Muted response to smaller board lot sizes on SGX”;...

Time to claim back public spaces from rowdy drinkers

The proposed ban on drinking in public after 10.30pm is pertinent and expedient, akin to banning smoking in certain places, albeit that the latter is for health reasons. (“The...

Family most important form of care to seniors

I refer to the letter “Address the needs of all in caregiving” (Jan 23) from Ms Goh Li Sian of the Association of Women for Action and Research. I agree we should not rely on...

First-aid post in increasingly popular Ubin long overdue

I refer to the report “NParks eyes first-aid facility on Pulau Ubin” (Jan 19). The idea of setting up a first-aid facility on the island is a timely move and should have been...