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Existing artworks should be supported

We refer to the letter “Culture Ministry respects artists’ creative efforts, IP” (June 15), regarding the amicable resolution to the use of a ping-pong activity station for the...

Address ‘threats’ in lawyers’ letters

As reported in “Law firm in Dallas Buyers Club action accused of bullying tactics” (June 23), local firm Samuel Seow Law Corporation has issued demand letters to the M1...

The digestive process of studying maths

In “Mathematics, spaghetti carbonara and you” (June 22), the writer shows that mathematics shares many characteristics with cookery. A closer analogy can be drawn between...

Slight fall in property prices won’t stop curbs

I agree with the writer of “Property price fall of just 5% shows market is resilient” (June 25). Prices are around 15 per cent higher than in the first quarter of 2008, while...

Every confidence in a harmonious society

I refer to the report, “S’poreans must continue to build, maintain a harmonious society: Heng Swee Keat” (June 20, Channel NewsAsia). As a yoga practitioner of 25 years, I have...

Increase size of fund-raising pie

I refer to the report, “NCSS wants to help charities with weak or no fundraising capabilities” (June 17).

Higher parking fees: A shortcut that won’t work

I refer to the letter, “To wean people off cars, cut back on parking spots” (June 18). If the objective is to increase parking charges and hope this deters people from...