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Investors must be wary of the pot of gold

The news about the Suisse International scheme, with losses exceeding S$35 million, baffles me. (“Over 260 investors lodge police reports on gold buyback scheme”; Feb 3)

Brother in distress saved by IMH team

My twin brother, who suffered a relapse of depression and had suicidal tendencies, was admitted last month to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

The silence of the Western media

The vicious killing of three Muslims in the United States, three young university students, has largely been shrouded by silence in the Western press. (“US gunman kills three...

Filial society? Not too late to teach the young

I refer to this week’s Talking Point, “Are we still a filial society?” Our parents, in their younger days, were taught to obey their parents and show respect to elders.

Plan is to improve S-League experience

We thank Mr Ivan Goh for his letter “Form hybrid S-League of pro, semi-pro teams” (Feb 16). The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and the S-League are constantly looking...

To get youth to care for elderly, start at home

I refer to this week’s Talking Point, “Are we still a filial society?” Today’s young are engrossed with their phones and social media; little time is devoted to healthy...

Establish ombudsman to keep an eye on town councils

There is prima facie evidence of poor governance and a lack of transparency and contingency planning on the part of the Workers’ Party. (“Public monies have been lost, minister...

Respect for the old in decline

I refer to this week’s Talking Point, “Are we still a filial society?”

What S’pore can do to attract Chinese tourists

At the China International Tourism Mart held in November in Shanghai, I saw the hunger among many countries competing for Chinese visitors. The global landscape has changed.