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Better to use existing pet adoption facilities

I have long supported the adoption of pets, rather than buying them from pet shops, but I was surprised by the report “Animal adoption centre may open at East Coast Park” (Dec 15).

Advance school bus fees act as seat reservation

I refer to the letter “Unfair for bus operators to charge for holiday months” (Dec 13). First, school bus operators have been collecting advance fees for December and January...

CPF Minimum Sum scheme must stay

I refer to the letter, “A middle path does not equal not taking a stand” (Dec 14, online), and in particular, the well-intended suggestion that we should not have the Central...

Warehouse Club promotes unfair advantage

The debut of Warehouse Club seems a step in the wrong direction, as it promotes an unfair advantage. (“FairPrice’s Warehouse Club a way to serve community”; Dec 13) Who can...

Bring back real fans to lift Lions out of doldrums

I witnessed first-hand how supporters turned their backs on our national team in their time of need during the recent pivotal ASEAN Football Federation Suzuki Cup match against...

More clarity on taxi availability standards needed

I refer to the reports “Taxi drivers ‘need more help to meet LTA’s availability standards’”, “Two years on, some taxi operators still missing the mark” and “Stricter taxi...

Tackle falling windows by conducting visual checks

I refer to the report “43 cases of fallen windows in first 11 months of this year” (Dec 13). Fallen windows are attributed to a lack of maintenance by home owners, and penalties...