VoicesTODAY asks: Drought and haze: Is this the future?

Once again, we're bringing you the most common social media trends and themes - this time associated with the haze and drought.

#SGdrought feels like autumn, according to the majority of netizens

#SGhaze trending over #SGdrought

Reuse water, save the plants

Singapore’s still in the midst of its longest-ever dry spell and water consumption has gone up by 5 per cent. Prolonged drought, combined with signs of returning haze, is becoming a real concern. Is it time to take the necessary precautions, and brace ourselves for long weeks of dry and hazy weather in the future?

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Fed Tacang
The haze has returned, I can see some residents (of my estate) already wearing masks.
(Right now), the government's obsession about water self-sufficiency is something I am very grateful for.
Whatever’s not urgent like washing cars can be put on hold so that we can use this water to save the plants.
Can we start water-rationing by turning the taps off at a given time?
Our haze is nothing compared to the Beijing industrial haze. It will come and go, following the wind and weather.
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