Hoax donation shocker for family bullied-to-death teen in Malaysia

Hoax donation shocker for family bullied-to-death teen in Malaysia
Nhaveen’s mother, D Shanti (left) and a relative being consoled after the news of Nhaveen’s death. Photo: Malay Mail Online
Published: 8:35 AM, June 16, 2017

KUALA LUMPUR — Barely coming to terms with the death of Malaysian T Nhaveen on Thursday (June 15) after a violent attack by five childhood friends, his family had another rude shock in store.

While keeping vigil outside the Penang Hospital Forensic Department where a post-mortem examination was being conducted late on Thursday night, his relatives found out that a WhatsApp text message has been circulating which claimed they were seeking public donations.

“We never sought public donations. The message is a hoax. What we want is justice for my nephew,” Nhaveen’s uncle, R Thiyagarajan, 50, was quoted by national news agency Bernama as telling reporters in George Town.

The WhatsApp message is said to have included a CIMB account number under the name of M Shanmugam.

Nhaveen’s mother, D Shanti, was reported as having fainted several times at the hospital from shock and grief and was later taken back to her home in Jelutong.

Mr Thiyagarajan was reported saying the family lawyer has appointed Baljit Singh to represent them in Nhaveen’s case, which police are now investigating as murder.

The 18-year-old will be cremated at the Batu Gantung Crematorium in Penang on Friday afternoon, Bernama reported further.

The ferocious attacks on Nhaveen and his friend, T Previin, 19, on the heels of several other recent violent incidents among students nationwide is putting a spotlight on bullying in Malaysia.

It has drawn international attention from even award-winning Indian musical genius AR Rahman, who prayed for Nhaveen’s speedy recovery and ended with a call to “Let all acts of savagery end & people come to senses”.

Malay Mail reported that the five boys arrested for investigation on the 2.10am assault against Nhaveen and Previin on June 10 were known to the family since primary school.

According to accounts from friends and relatives, the five boys aged between 16 and 18 had been friends with Nhaveen in the early days.

Three of the alleged assailants have just completed Form Five and are awaiting their SPM results while two are currently in their last year of secondary school.

Their playful teasing later escalated to extreme bullying when they noticed Nhaveen was not like them.

“Nhaveen never reacted until that day,” Previin, who succeeded in fleeing the initial two attackers told Malay Mail.

The 19-year-old who suffered head injuries recently underwent an operation and does not know Nhaveen has died.

“He just underwent facial reconstruction. And I think the family feels the news would cause him further emotional distress,” Previin’s friend, B Thanasekharan, told Malay Mail at the hospital on Thursday night. MALAY MAIL ONLINE