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29-year-old Mayday Fan dies 15 days after watching Taiwanese band’s concert

The fan, who had a history of heart problems, was headed for home when she collapsed at the high-speed rail station after the gig.

Taiwanese mega band Mayday's recent four-night concert in Kaohsiung drew tens of thousands of fans who turned up to watch Ashin, Monster, Guan You, Stone, and Masa bring the house down. 

According to Taiwanese media, a Mayday fan by the surname Wu and her friends specially travelled from Hsinchu to Kaohsiung to attend the concert on Mar 31.  

After the gig, the group headed for the high-speed rail station to buy tickets to go home. That was when Wu suddenly collapsed and fell unconscious, leaving her friends shocked and helpless. 

The police on duty were alerted of the incident, and a passer-by, who happened to be a nurse, retrieved the station’s AED kit (Automated External Defibrillator) to perform emergency treatment on Wu.

Wu was reported to have a history of heart problems

An ambulance arrived soon after but on the way to the hospital, Wu stopped breathing and had no pulse for a period of time. 

The doctor performed emergency surgery on Wu, and were able to keep her alive. However, she had to depend on extracorporeal life support, which is meant for patients whose heart and lungs aren’t able to provide sufficient oxygen to the body for survival. 

According to reports, Wu had a prior history of heart problems. 

Although she regained consciousness after the surgery, Wu was unable to recover. She died on April 15 after her family agreed to take her off life support.

When the news of Wu collapsing after the concert was first made public, a representative of Mayday revealed that they had contacted the relevant authorities to ask about her condition and wished her a quick recovery. 

As of press time, the band has yet to respond to the news of Wu’s passing.

The band has yet to release a statement since Wu's passing Photos:, Mayday/ Instagram

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