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Adam Sandler Gives Hilarious NYU Tisch School Of The Arts Grad Speech, Jokes That They Chose The Arts Because They "Literally Can't Do Anything Else"

Adam Sandler graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 1988.

Adam Sandler joked people chose a career in the arts because they "literally can't do anything else".

The Happy Gilmore star, 55, returned to NYU Tisch School of the Arts where he graduated 34 years ago to address the 2022 class at the school's commencement ceremony as he shared advice and teased students about their futures.

He said: "We just want to give our fellow humans an escape from this increasingly psychotic world we live in.
'The biggest reason we Tischies chose the arts is because we literally can't do anything else: What was I gonna do, become an investment banker? I can't even find my wallet three times a week."

He joked that parents in attendance had "really messed up" and could find themselves "supporting these kids for a very long time".

He quipped: "They are not leaving the nest anytime soon. This is a tough business they chose, but there's still time to talk them out of it."

"I'm trying to talk my kids [daughters Sadie, 16, and Sunny, 13] out of showbiz and they know f***ing Adam Sandler," he added. 

He also noted he had "two pieces of advice" for parents: "Number one, somehow slip your kid's headshot to Mr Martin Scorsese before this event ends; he'll love it, I promise.

"He's probably gonna take the back exit out of here, so make sure you get there before he does.

"And do not take no for an answer  that's how [frequent Scorsese collaborator] Leo[nardo DiCaprio]'s mum did it." 

Scorsese, 79, is a NYU alum; his daughter, Francesca, 22, is a filmmaking major at NYU.  

Elsewhere in his speech, Sandler advised the graduates that "some will get to their goals quickly, some might take a bit to get there" and "some will change goals and say, 'F*** it, I'm gonna be an agent'".

Sandler  whose new film, Hustle, premieres on Netflix June 3  also joked about the thoughts that must be running through the graduates' head during such an intimidating time in their lives.

He teased: "Is school really over? What the hell do I do with my life now? I’ve never been this hungover before.
"If I throw up in my cap, will anybody notice? I hope my parents don’t expect me to pay for lunch after this. I can’t believe my father is still looking for a parking spot."

Watch Sandler's commencement address here: 


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