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'Almost 50% are VIP!': Malaysian netizens outraged over Jacky Cheung concert prices and seat plan

VIP Tickets are 1,188 ringgit (S$349) each.

Less than a month after all 72,000 tickets to Heavenly King Jacky Cheung’s nine concerts in Singapore in July this year sold out within hours, concert promoters Unusual Entertainment announced that the singer is taking his Jacky Cheung 60+ Concert Tour to Malaysia as well.

The God of Songs is holding six concerts at the Axiata Arena in Bukit Jalil on August 11 to 13 and August 18 to 20. Fans of Jacky were understandably excited… until the seating plan was released on May 23.

Here’s what the seating plan looks like, and the prices for the respective ticket categories. A VIP ticket is priced at 1,188 ringgit (S$349), while a Cat 1 ticket is 988 ringgit (S$290). A Cat 2 ticket is going for 688 ringgit (S$202), while the cheapest ticket, a Cat 3 ticket, is 388 ringgit (S$114).

That's the seat plan for the Singapore concerts on the left, and the Malaysian concerts on the right.

Though the concert promoter added a disclaimer announcing that the seat plan is “not drawn to scale”, it does appear that about half of the sections available have been designated VIP tickets. Fans who aren’t able to shell out the big bucks for a VIP seat will have considerably fewer options.

Tickets for the Singapore concerts, which will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, are priced from $168 to $388. The seat plan appears to be similar to Malaysia’s, with a large portion of seats selling for $388.

A quick glance at the comments section of the posts announcing ticketing details for the Singapore concerts shows that netizens were mostly displeased with the ticketing process, as well as scalpers selling tickets at marked-up prices.

As for Malaysian netizens, though there are some comments addressing the issue of scalpers, most comments are targeted at the seat plan and ticket prices for the Malaysian stops.

Jacky's last concert tour was about five years ago.

“Wow! Almost 50% [of the tickets] are VIP! What a joke!” a netizen wrote.

“[I] suggest to change the name [of the concert to] ‘Jacky Cheung 1188+’ Concert Tour’. This way, it’s more in line with your ticket allocation,” one netizen wrote.

“Why not sell all tickets at 1188, and make it a free-seating event?” another netizen wondered.

“‘Rather than dealing with scalpers and their marked-up tickets, why not we become the scalpers ourselves’,” yet another netizen fumed.

Others took issue with how the seat plan was drawn out, with many wondering why seats up on the ‘second level’ of the venue have been designated Cat 1 tickets.

Many mentioned that they were surprised that Section 402 in particular, which is on the ‘second level’ will be sold as a Cat 1 section.

Photos: Unusual Entertainment/Facebook

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