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Aloysius Pang's Last Onscreen Project, Horror Movie The Antique Shop, Will Open In Cinemas December 1

Production for the movie started in 2018 and was delayed due to Aloysius’ passing and the pandemic.

Horror movie The Antique Shop, which stars the late Aloysius Pang, is set to open in local cinemas on December 1.

The movie is a collaboration between Thai company LeayDoDee Studio and Dasmond Koh's Noon Talk Media.

Directed by Suphakorn Riansuwan, the movie, which is a horror story told in three parts, features actors from Singapore, Thailand, South Korea and Indonesia. The Antique Shop was first released in Thailand on June 2.

Production for the movie started in 2018, and was delayed due to Aloysius’ sudden passing during a military exercise in Jan 2019.

Production was later pushed back again due to the pandemic.

Aloysius had finished filming some scenes prior to his death, and the show’s original storyline was split into three parts as a result of the tragedy.

Production for the film only resumed early this year, with the inclusion of local actors Xu Bin and Damien Teo, both of whom are from NoonTalk media and were pals with Aloy.

The Antique Shop poster

The movie features Andy, a character played by Xu Bin, who stumbles upon an antique shop on the way to the airport.

A curious Andy enters the shop, and encounters the lady boss, who tells him about the chilling stories behind three antique items.

The first story is Survive, featuring Indonesian actor Rio Dewanto as a man kidnapped by a mafia gang in Thailand and held hostage in a place with a dark ghastly history. 

The second story, Half Second, stars Aloysius as a Singaporean tourist who lands in jail in Thailand and is haunted by an evil spirit residing in his cell.

The final story, Happy Birthday, sees Korean actor Bae Jin Young, of Produce 101 fame, play an exchange student in Thailand bullied by local students, who get their just desserts in horrifying ways.

Earlier this year, Dasmond shared posters of the film on Instagram, and the movie trailer was also posted on NoonTalk Media’s social media accounts.

Dasmond wrote about how he “had mixed feelings” while watching Aloysius’ scenes in the completed movie. "Everyone at NoonTalk Media is waiting to watch your performance on the big screen," added Dasmond.

You can catch the trailer for The Antique Shop below. 

Photos: Dasmond Koh/ Instagram, Aloysius Pang/ Instagram, 8world

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