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Anthony Wong Calls His Ex Assistant The “Real Best Actress”; Says She Thought Her Real Job Was Going Shopping And Getting Invited For Meals

He also has to create a new Facebook account 'cos she refused to hand over his old one.

Hong Kong Anthony Wong, 61, announced that he will be switching over to a new Facebook page after a very public dispute with his ex-assistant.

In August this year, the actor revealed on Facebook that his assistant of 10 years, Moon Ng, will be resigning from her position in September, adding that “in the future, all her matters will have nothing to do with me”.

If you thought that the wording of his post was a little ominous, well, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

It appears that the duo had a rather acrimonious end to their working relationship.

In a now-deleted post, Anthony shared a picture of Moon’s picture on a movie database site.

Not just an act.

The picture was captioned: “No wonder her acting’s so good, it turns out that she’s the real Best Actress”. He later shared that though they’ve worked together for over 10 years, he was kept in the dark about her work ethics.

“Now, I feel like I don’t know her at all, she feels so unfamiliar,” he wrote.

Anthony's not pleased.

Anthony also spoke to the media about this issue.

Initially, he was more measured with his words, simply sharing that his former assistant wanted “a change in working environment”, and that he had realised that she no longer wished to work for him.

Then, on Sep 20, he posted a tell-all on Facebook, accusing his former assistant of leaving a huge mess behind before quitting.

Anthony went on to gripe that he had to hire three new staff members just to clean up the mess she’d made.

“She even dared to complain that her salary was low, and that she’s a responsible [person],” Anthony wrote.

Continuing on, Anthony revealed that he’s since discovered bills and forms from two years ago that were never processed properly by her.

“She really thought that getting invited out for meals, and going shopping during her breaks when we were overseas for filming were her real job responsibilities,” Anthony wrote.

So much filing.

Anthony's final post on Facebook revealed that his account was registered under his assistant’s name, and that she was refusing to hand over the page to him. Therefore, he has decided to start a new page.

“A new start! Sending off the plague,” he declared, adding that he will be revealing the name of his new page on September 22.

Photos: PBE Media, Anthony Wong/Facebook

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