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Chantalle Ng Finally Reconnects With Ex Child Actor Xiao Li Yuan, Who Is Now 30 And Not On Social Media

The long-lost friends met up for brunch earlier today (Jun 15) with Felicia Chin, who also starred in Let It Shine.

As Chantalle Ng, 26, put it in her Instagram caption, this truly is the “power of social media”.

Just one day after going public with her quest to reconnect with a long-lost childhood friend, Xiao Li Yuan, whom she met on-set, Chantalle is happy to report that they’ve reunited already. 

Chantalle and Li Yuan, who is now 30, first met in 2006. Li Yuan was starring as Situ Bi in the 2007 drama Let It Shine, alongside Felicia Chin, 37, and Chantalle’s mum, Lin Meijiao, 58.

Li Yuan with Felicia Chin.

"Li Yuan and I met as kids, when I followed my mum on set. I remember feeling so sad when we lost contact, losing a friend as a kid was unbearable (especially since I didn't have many friends to begin with),” Chantalle joked in her caption. spoke to Chantalle to find out more. 

After 15 years...

As it turns out, a friend of Li Yuan's saw Chantalle’s post, and contacted her through Instagram. Also, Chantalle says Li Yuan is not on social media, which might also explain why he was so hard to find.

"I was really excited, I couldn't believe it. He remembers me and was surprised I've been looking for him. We met up this morning for brunch, with Felicia Chin, since she's been looking for him too,” Chantalle went on to share.


"It's hilarious 'cos he remembered that we used to play hide-and-seek, and he also saw the comments by netizens [on's Facebook post], where people are saying that he won the hide-and-seek, [‘cos I couldn’t find him at all],” Chantalle laughed.

“But I would like to think that I won the hide-and-seek eventually 'cos I found him [now],” she added.

Then, and now.

Oh and yes, Li Yuan is doing very well now. According to Chantalle, he graduated with a Masters degree, and is now working in the field of business in Singapore.

“I don’t think he ever considered to continue acting [as an adult],” Chantalle added, revealing that Li Yuan stopped being a child actor to focus on his studies.

However, since Li Yuan is no longer a public figure, Chantalle declined to reveal more about her friend as he prefers to keep a low profile now.

Catch up on Let It Shine on meWATCH here. You can watch the first episode below too.

Photos: Chantalle Ng, meWATCH

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