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Charlie Cox Says He's Cool With A PG-13 Daredevil In MCU: "It Can Absolutely Work"

Charlie Cox believes there is enough room for a PG Daredevil to play in the family-friendly MCU sandbox.

Charlie Cox is open to a family-friendly take on Daredevil in the PG Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Cox, 39, who made a cameo appearance as Matt Murdock/Daredevil — a role he played from 2015 to 2018 in the Netflix series named after his character — says he's open to reprising the part again, insisting it "absolutely can work" if Marvel bosses want to create something that's suitable for all ages.

He told "I wouldn't put it past the folks at Marvel to be able to accomplish that. I'm such a fan of everything they've done so far, I wouldn't underestimate them at all.

"If they wanted to make a more PG version of Daredevil, I back them to find a way to do where it feels totally in keeping with everything we've done. And maybe there's a little less blood, maybe there's a little whatever, but I back them to do it."

However, Cox admitted he thinks the Daredevil comics are more "exciting" and "relatable when they live in a darker space," and he's not sure the darker subjects explored in Daredevil will work as well for a universal audience as the Spider-Man movies.

He added: "It absolutely can work, but I guess what you can't deny is Daredevil is never going to work as well in a PG world as Spider-Man does. Do you know what I mean? That's the point.

"I think that the age of the character, the Christian guilt, his history with women and stuff, it's like it's a little bit more mature, it has to be."

Netflix's Daredevil series — which will be available on Disney+ from March 16 — is rated TV-MA, which means the content is unsuitable for viewers under 17. A Daredevil movie, rated PG-13, was released in 2003, starring Ben Affleck as the titular character. An R-rated director's cut was later dropped on home video. The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are rated either PG or PG13. (In Singapore, Eternals, received an M18 rating for depicting a gay couple kissing.)

After reprising the role for Spider-Man: No Way Home, Cox teased there was a possibility he'd be playing the character again.

He said: "I know something. I don't know much, but I know there will be something else."


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