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Chinese Cosplayer Lodges Police Report After Netizens Falsely Accuse Her Of Being The 23-Year-Old Fan Who Slept With Alan Tam

Poor thing.

Alan Tam, 71, has been in the hot seat since Nov 23 when a netizen accused the singer of sleeping with a 23-year-old fan.

The unnamed netizen, who identified himself as the fan's boyfriend, has maintained that Alan is guilty despite the star's denial of any wrongdoing.

For reasons unknown, some netizens have shared photos of a young woman whom they claim is the fan. Unsurprisingly, these photos have gone viral and the woman, who wasn't named, has been called really unsavoury names.

1 of 2 Meng Yaer was not having it

Turns out, it was a case of mistaken identity and a 19-year-old cosplayer known by her Weibo handle ‘Meng Yaer” has since stepped forward to clarify that her photos have been wrongly used in connection with the scandal.

“You’re using my picture claiming that it’s the “woman involved”. You’ve violating my portrait rights. Please delete the video and apologise, or I’ll see you in court,” wrote Meng Yaer in response to an online post. The cosplayer then made a police report on Nov 27.

Since then, other netizens have rallied behind Meng Yaer, saying that she is not the same age as the fan who slept with Alan.

  • 2 of 2 Meng Yaer shouldn't have been dragged into this mess

    In a Weibo post yesterday (Nov 28), Meng Yaer complained about how her “family, classmates, relatives and friends have seen the news”.

    However, she has been advised by lawyers that she has “no chance” of winning a civil suit, and that she can only hope for the police to forward the case to the prosecution, where it will become a criminal case.

    Photo: PBE Media

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