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Christy Chung, 51, Cries During Live Stream After Netizens Repeatedly Fat Shame Her And Mock Her Marriage

The star has had it with these seriously nasty comments.

Ever since Christy Chung, 51, tied the knot with her Chinese actor husband, Shawn Zhang, who is 12 years younger, she hasn't held back when it comes to showing the world how sweet they are on her social media. 

Sadly, the couple's healthy and wholesome relationship has been met with a lot of naysayers, many of whom have no qualms passing judgement on the age difference between Christy and Shawn. 

While Christy has largely remained cool in the face of these haters, she finally let those nasty comments get to her during a live stream on Wed (Apr 27).

It's getting a little too much

Christy, who was in tears, lamented, "I know many people are laughing at my marriage, my style, my figure. But I'm already a mom of three, stop asking too much of me!" 

Christy confessed she is scared of netizens who harp on the huge age gap between her and her husband, and so she's been trying her best to keep herself in good shape

"So please stop attacking me! It's too tiring!", the actress pleaded, adding that she didn't want to entertain those comments at first, but there are simply too many to ignore. 

She's trying her best, cut her some slack man

Just last month, during a fitness live stream with Shawn, Christy was fat-shamed by netizens who unforgivingly pointed out that the actress had a "spare tyre".


Photos: Sinchew Daily & Weibo

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