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Christy Chung Goes Skateboarding Late At Night; Netizens Slam Her For Being “Inconsiderate” & “Scary”

Really quite scary.

Christy Chung, 51, really can’t seem to catch a break from haters.

Just last month, she was fat shamed by netizens after live streaming a workout session with her husband, Chinese actor Shawn Zhang, 39.

Christy would later break down on another live stream, pleading with netizens to stop harassing her about her looks, fashion sense and her marriage.

So what did she do this time to make herself the target of internet vitriol again?

Earlier this week, Shawn posted a short vid on Weibo, which showed him and Christy skateboarding late in the night. 

The skateboards apparently belong to their kids.

“Life consists of seeing things from my, yours and our children’s point of view, and that’s what makes it interesting. I’m [accompanying] my wife skateboarding in the middle of the night, I feel inspired,” Shawn can be heard saying. 

It was very, very dark

In the video, Christy was seen skateboarding in a baggy set of red pjs, her long black hair flowing behind her in the dark. On the other hand, Shawn was following her from behind on foot and filming her at the same time. 

He also commented that if people were to see Christy skating towards them looking the way she did, they would “get the shock of their lives”.

His words seemed to strike a chord with netizens.

“It’s inconsiderate to disturb others while they’re sleeping,” said one unimpressed netizen, while one
 spooked netizen wrote: “You look really scary, don’t terrify others at night."

Photos: PBE Media

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