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David Duchovny Was "Scared" About 23-Year-Old Daughter West Following His Acting Footsteps But Believes She Is Tough Enough To "Survive" Showbiz

David Duchovny has two children with ex-wife Tea Leoni, West, 23, and son Kyd, 19. 

David Duchovny felt “scared” by his daughter West’s decision to go into acting.

The X-Files star, 61, is father to two children with ex-wife Tea Leoni, West, 23, and son Kyd, 19, and his eldest is now following her parents into showbusiness with roles in the drama film A Mouthful of Air and upcoming Hulu series Saint X.

Speaking to Closer magazine, Duchovny admitted that he wasn’t thrilled with West’s career choice: “My daughter West is acting. She majored in English in college, just like I did. I’m always scared of anybody I love getting into acting. Especially a child of mine. “But I think she has a toughness to her that can help her survive.”

Duchovny went on to reveal his son has thankfully decided not to carve out a career in Hollywood, adding: “My son is a naturally gifted, funny guy. He’s a storyteller in that way, but has shown no interest in acting.”

The Californication star also talked about life as a dad, admitting he wasn’t the most organised father but has a lot of love for his children.

He explained: “I’m not a good planner. I’m not impulsive, but I’m not a detail guy. Stuff can go wrong under my watch, because I didn’t research things enough. They’ll be like ‘Oh man, we showed up here and this place closed a year ago. Didn’t you call?’ And I’m like ‘No I didn’t’.

“They have their complaints but I hope they know that I love them. That is the important thing.”

Duchovny recently starred in the Netflix movie, The Bubble, and published a novella, The Reservoir— BANG SHOWBIZ

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