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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Aug 27-Sep 3)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

This week, Yvonne Lim ate her weight in hawker food, Germaine Tan introduced CNA presenter Steven Chia to her usual haunt for mala hotpot, Justin Ang couldn't be more egg-cited to reunite with his favourite Eggslut sandwich, and the Heartland Hero cast threw a little birthday celebration for James Seah. Read on for more.

1 of 21 Yvonne Lim

What she ate: Local eats

Yummy factor: Never mind that Yvonne isn't fully vaccinated yet. Nothing can stop her from savouring all the local food that she can stomach. On her tapow list this week were handmade fishballs from Ah Boon Handmade Fish Cake, kong bak pau, chicken rice, fried banana balls, as well as wanton mee and deep-fried tau pok stuffed with minced meat from Laifabar. Yvonne loved the noodles, which comes with glistening char siew, fried wantons and half an onsen egg, so much that she plans to order it again.

  • 2 of 21 Chen Xiuhuan

    What she ate: Kway chap

    Yummy factor: Xiuhuan’s homemade kway chap proved to be such a hit with her family, she decided to whip it up again. Never mind the tedious process — Xiuhuan couldn’t be happier to see everyone enjoying the silky-smooth kway with braised meats, eggs, innards, and more.

  • 3 of 21 Justin Ang

    What he ate: Eggslut sandwiches

    Yummy factor: Justin’s fave LA sandwich chain Eggslut has finally arrived in Singapore, and he couldn't be happier that their soft brioche buns and fluffy eggs are now easily within reach. In fact, Justin was so egg-cited that he burst the runny yolk in his Gaucho sandwich (oops) while trying to take a photo with it. Well, at least he didn’t ruin the Slut Jar (mashed potatoes, soft-boiled egg and fermented butter) — that would have been a waste.

  • 4 of 21 Sharon Au

    What she ate: Local eats

    Yummy factor: On Sharon’s last day in Singapore, she ate her favourite childhood kueh lapis layer by layer — savouring every bit of it before she caught her flight back to Paris. And on board her Singapore Airlines flight, of course she had to choose local signatures like bak chor mee and laksa — it’s probably going to be a while before she gets to have authentic local food again. Wonder if she added the hum from her laksa to her bak chor mee.

  • 5 of 21 James Seah

    What he ate: Birthday cakes

    Yummy factor: Cake monster James probably spent his first week as a 31-year-old stuffing himself with birthday cakes — including one from Heartland Hero co-stars Bonnie Loo, Elvin Ng, Shane Pow Paige Chua, and Ian Fang, who got together to celebrate his special day (Aug 29) with a macaron-topped, sky blue confection.

  • 6 of 21 Cheryl Wee

    What she ate: Yong tau foo at Tiong Bahru Yong Tao Hu

    Yummy factor: Although Cheryl started off with her usual order of yong tau foo with bee hoon for lunch, she decided to have an additional bowl of bak chor mee as well — because y’know, it’s fuel for the long work day ahead. Also, could it be pregnancy cravings?

  • 7 of 21 Jin Yinji, Vivian Lai, Aileen Tan, Pan Lingling and Zoe Tay

    What they ate: Belated birthday meal

    Yummy factor: The actresses finally managed to gather for Jin-jie’s belated birthday celebration (the actual date is June 17) at Chinese restaurant Clan 7, where they made it up to her with delectable eats like fish maw broth, la zi ji, iberico pork cutlet and more. And of course, there were the must-have auspicious longevity buns for Jin-jie.

  • 8 of 21 Gini Chang and Seow Sin Nee

    What they ate: Mooncakes

    Yummy factor: Mooncake season is almost here (Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Sep 22, in case you're wondering), and Gini and and Sin Nee have been eating their fill of mooncakes including some unique creations like a stout-infused mala bak kwa mooncake (what?!) and artistic, chocolatey ones from Janice Wong. Check out their review on #Justswipelah.

  • 9 of 21 Germaine Tan

    What she ate: Mala hotpot

    Yummy factor: Although Germaine’s attempt at converting CNA presenter Steven Chia into a mala fan proved unsuccessful, she did get to enjoy her fave mala hotpot at Tong Xin Ru Yi, with plenty of marinated meats, and the ever-popular fried beancurd rolls during their shoot. With such a spread in front of her, it probably didn’t even feel like work.

  • 10 of 21 Xiang Yun

    What she ate: A feast in her suite

    Yummy factor: Have you ever ordered food via room service? Check out the amount of food Xiang Yun and her fam enjoyed from the comfort of their hotel suite during their Marina Bay Sands staycay last weekend — there’s plenty of seafood, fried rice, chicken skewers, and even bubble tea-shaped cake and dessert tree . Talk about dining in style.

  • 11 of 21 Chen Hanwei

    What he ate: Birthday sweets

    Yummy factor: Hanwei received so much love on his birthday (Aug 29) in the form of delicious cakes and pastries, he can probably set up a party-worthy dessert table. Think exquisite cakes, chocolate tarts and heart-shaped ang ku kueh — it’s probably enough dessert to last a week.

  • 12 of 21 Nurul Aini

    What she ate: Rendang quiche

    Yummy factor: Nurul’s latest snack obsession this week could very well be the rendang quiche from online bakery Tartisserie. Not only did she enjoy the crunch of the pastry, Nurul also loved how well the melted cheese went with the tender beef. Yum.

  • 13 of 21 Julie Tan

    What she ate: Home-cooked spread

    Yummy factor: Julie makes for an amazing host. Whenever she has guests over, she always makes sure that there’s plenty of food to keep them full. This time, she treated her friends to a simple but hearty dinner of fish, prawns, sunny-side-up eggs, and at least two types of stir-fried greens. Who knew she was such a good cook?

  • 14 of 21 Jade Seah

    What she ate: Dim sum

    Yummy factor: Jade’s dim sum sesh with her folks at Paradise Teochew was a decadent affair, featuring the usual suspects like siew mai and egg tarts, as well as classic Teochew dishes like sea cucumber that’s first braised before it’s fried and served with superior abalone sauce. And it seems like Papa Seah approves of the menu too — especially the Teochew-style desserts like deep-fried yam sticks coated in sugar.

  • 15 of 21 Jamie Yeo

    What she ate: Takoyaki from home-based business Takoishi

    Yummy factor: Lunch for Jamie came in the form of takoyaki, or tako balls, stuffed with ingredients like ham and prawns and plenty of bonito flakes. And Jamie wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the umami goodness — her 4-year-old son Luke also gave them his munch of approval.

  • 16 of 21 Denise Camillia Tan

    What she ate: Oysters and pasta

    Yummy factor: From what we can tell, Denise had a perfectly indulgent dinner with wine at Italian restaurant Rubato — think half a dozen shucked oysters and followed by chilled angel hair pasta topped with the freshest scallop sashimi and a dash of truffle oil.

  • 17 of 21 You Yi

    ​​​​​​​What she ate: Pastries

    Yummy factor: With what looks like an iced mocha in hand and a lovely selection of freshly-baked pastries to nibble on, You Yi had a most leisurely afternoon at hipster cafe Alchemist on Sunday. Bonus: Aside from the photo-worthy menu, the cafe is perfect for OOTDs, too.

  • 18 of 21 Calvert Tay

    What he ate: Ice cream and waffles at Udders

    Yummy factor: When it comes to desserts, Calvert clearly doesn’t hold back — he had at least three scoops of ice cream to go with his crisp waffle, along with gooey chocolate sauce on the side.

  • 19 of 21 Yasminne Cheng

    What she ate: Shui zhu yu

    Yummy factor: While the other dishes like barbecue pluma iberico pork and dim sum were probably yummy, Yasminne was probably most excited about the Sichuan boiled fish at Mott 32. After all, it’s one of her favourite things to have and addictively delicious with rice.

  • 20 of 21 Kimberly Chia

    What she ate: Seafood feast

    Yummy factor: From fresh oysters to steamed scallops and bamboo clams, as well as whole crabs and lobsters to go for garlic butter, Kimberly’s seafood feast at home with her family was an extravagant one alright. Thank goodness they have a dining table long enough to accommodate everything.

  • 21 of 21 Hazelle Teo

    What she ate: Brunch

    Yummy factor: Hazelle’s probably really glad she got to spend time with her sister amidst her hectic schedule — especially when it’s over hearty brunch fare (think steak frites) and a strong cuppa. Also, it doesn’t hurt that her coffee cup matches her outfit to a T.

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