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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Nov 19-26)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

It’s that time of the week where we round up all the goodies celebs have been having. Irene Ang shared her go-to stall for a mean plate of chai tow kway, Thomas Ong couldn’t resist indulging in some shiok Thai food (even though he wasn't hungry), and Joanne Peh, Qi Yuwu, and Ivy Lee enjoyed local favourites in style. Read on to find out more.

1 of 20 Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu

What they ate: Local favourites

Yummy factor: Both Joanne and Yuwu enjoyed local favourites in style at Marina Bay Sands' all-day restaurant RISE. Aside from dishes like the resto’s iconic laksa with Boston lobster (her Instagram followers actually voted that it looked better than her date, Yuwu), the fruit-laden rojak was particularly enjoyable for Joanne.

  • 2 of 20 Ivy Lee

    What she ate: Soft shell crab laksa

    Yummy factor: Also enjoying some atas laksa was Ivy who tucked into Ipoh-style laksa with crispy soft shell crab, yellow egg noodles and rice vermicelli at Malaysian restaurant Laksamania in London. The spicy kick from the laksa probably kept her comfortably warm in the sweater weather.

  • 3 of 20 Desmond Tan

    What he ate: Meat-free supper

    Yummy factor: As the newly-minted ambassador of plant-based brand Meat Zero, Desmond was all too happy to receive their guilt-free snacks like nuggets and Bologna ham sandwiches on the last day of his shoot for upcoming drama series Home Again. There was even enough to feed the rest of the cast and crew on set.

  • 4 of 20 Zoe Tay and Hong Zhaorong

    What they ate: Teatime snacks

    Yummy factor: It sure looks like Zoe and Zhaorong had a great time catching up over hot drinks and snacks like flaky curry puffs, soup and more. Perfect for a hearty midday refuel.

  • 5 of 20 Chen Xiuhuan

    What she ate: Hawker fare at 332 Coffee House

    Yummy factor: A foodie trip to the coffee shop saw Xiuhuan slurping up delish Ipoh curry noodles — it’s full of ingredients like tau pok and sio bak. The fried carrot cake she had — in both black and white — looked just as yummy. And if she had to choose, the black version with deliciously charred bits was her fave.

  • 6 of 20 Jesseca Liu

    What she ate: Seafood

    Yummy factor: No matter how busy her schedule gets, Jesseca makes sure to take time to decompress and enjoy a good meal with hubby Jeremy Chan. This week, they enjoyed some couple time over a meal of delish pasta and grilled seafood like crustaceans and juicy scallops.

  • 7 of 20 Yvonne Lim

    What she ate: Homemade bakes

    Yummy factor: If you’ve been wondering why Yvonne has been a little quiet on social media the past week, it’s because she’s been indulging in some baking therapy. Yes, the busy mama has been whipping up shokupan buns, cornflake cookies, castella cake, savoury scones, and even a lemon yoghurt blueberry cake. Her home must smell heavenly.

  • 8 of 20 Thomas Ong

    What he ate: Thai eats

    Yummy factor: Despite his heavy meal earlier in the day, Thomas couldn’t resist ordering the full works from hawker stall Kin Hoi — think melt-in-your-mouth beef cubes, fluffy Thai omelette with sweet chunks of crab meat, and fried tang hoon with a tad too much lard. Well, Thomas blames his ravenous appetite on his booster shot.

  • 9 of 20 Cynthia Koh

    What she ate: Okinawan cuisine

    Yummy factor: Cynthia ate plenty at Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai — think grilled steak cubes, eggplant and beancurd simmered in miso gravy, and brown sugar pancake And there was the chilled Okinawan beancurd topped with salted fish and bonito maw. Judging by Cynthia’s expression, it probably has an acquired taste.

  • 10 of 20 Irene Ang

    What she ate: Fried carrot cake

    Yummy factor: Irene loves the chai tow kway from Heng Carrot Cake (also a fave of Cynthia Koh) at Newton Food Centre so much, she had to have it in the car before driving off. There’s just something about its softness and eggy crisp edges that she can’t resist. Oh, and she also packed three extra portions — that’s lunch settled for the next few days.

  • 11 of 20 Fauzie Laily

    What he ate: Prata

    Yummy factor: Never mind that his personal trainer may question his food choices, if Fauzie wants to indulge in crisp prata with a side of curry, he’s going to have it. He can always burn the calories away during his next workout, right?

  • 12 of 20 Tasha Low, Chantalle Ng and Kimberly Chia

    What they ate: Fresh oysters

    Yummy factor: Dressed in comfortable threads, the Live Your Dreams co-stars had a chill girls’ night in, where they sipped on wine and enjoyed trays of juicy shucked oysters with a squeeze of lemon. What a treat.

  • 13 of 20 You Yi

    What she ate: Omakase

    Yummy factor: You Yi thoroughly enjoyed her epicurean adventure at Japanese restaurant Maetomo. She loved learning about each bespoke dish (we spy lots of fresh sashimi, buttery sea urchin and sushi) and the drinks that would pair well with them. Safe to say, we think she’ll be back for more.

  • 14 of 20 Kunhua and Hazelle Teo

    What they ate: Lok lok

    Yummy factor: Since Kunhua and Hazelle haven’t had lok lok in ages (remember the days we could all simply drive to JB for a quick fix?), dinner from takeaway kiosk Lok Lok Loh made for a shiok experience. Plus, it’s hard to resist having fried goodies with torched mentaiko sauce and fiery homemade chilli sauce.

  • 15 of 20 sheila sim

    What she ate: Banh mi

    Yummy factor: Sheila loved everything she ordered at Vietnamese resto Moc Qua. Aside from the yummy barbecued squid, her banh mi ticked all the right boxes, and especially so for its crunchy baguette that’s baked fresh daily.

  • 16 of 20 Jernelle Oh

    What she ate: Souffle pancakes at Typhoon Cafe

    Yummy factor: Well, it seems that Jernelle’s all smiles thanks to the decadent stack of fluffy pancakes in front of her. It’s hard not to when they’re served fresh off the griddles and with custard, fruits, cookie crumble and honeycomb ice cream.

  • 17 of 20 Vivian Lai

    What she ate: Omakase bento

    Yummy factor: Can’t decide on what to eat? The 10-course omakase bentos Vivian tried at Sens Dining may just be the answer with its assortment of hot and chilled dishes. On a side note, the fresh oysters topped with ikura and served on a bed of ice will surely whet your appetite.

  • 18 of 20 Rosalyn Lee

    What she ate: Spanish nosh

    Yummy factor: Rozz is back travelling the world again. The former DJ, who is now in Spain, satisfied her craving for paella and hot soup at Restaurant Cap de Creus (check out that view!). Not only was the fish soup bursting with intense flavour, the prawn and cuttlefish paella was just as excellent, and the sides of buttery olives and grilled sardines made the meal complete.

  • 19 of 20 Chew Chor Meng

    What he ate: Birthday cake

    Yummy factor: For a Manchester United fan like Chew Chor Meng, getting a birthday cake shaped in a beer mug and emblazoned with the football club’s logo was probably a dream come true — an apt surprise from Little Joy Cakes for his 53rd birthday.

  • 20 of 20 Jaime Teo

    What she ate: Shrimp cocktail

    Yummy factor: A cocktail has probably never looked more tempting for the alcohol-intolerant Jaime, especially when it comes in the form of a jumbo prawn cocktail, made perfect with house-made sauce and lemon from DB Bistro & Oyster Bar. Yum.

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