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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Nov 26-Dec 3)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

This week, Pierre Png indulged on all things bak kwa, Qi Yuwu got started on festive feasting, and Chen Xiuhuan surprised Felicia Chin with some yummy treats. Read on for deets.

1 of 21 Pierre Png

What he ate: Dishes inspired by bak kwa

Yummy factor: For someone who loves bak kwa to bits, Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery’s menu must have been a dream come true for Pierre. Fusion menu items from the bistro include the chashu collagen fettuccine tossed in pork collagen broth, chicken roulade stuffed with gourmet fusion bak kwa mousseline and even an ice cream inspired by the sweet jerky treat.

  • 2 of 21 Jade Seah

    What she ate: Prawn noodles

    Yummy factor: Ever the fitness junkie, Jade started her morning right by riding her bicycle all the way to Boon Lay Place Food Village for a shiok bowl of hae mee. She got the dry version — with lots of chilli powder and fried lard of course.

  • 3 of 21 Zoe Tay

    What she ate: Vietnamese cuisine

    Yummy factor: Ah Jie looks really pleased with her hearty bowl of rice vermicelli and grilled spring chicken. Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen is known for their grilled meat and we hear this hand-pulled chicken, which comes with fresh vegetables, rice paper sheets and a spicy herb salt for you to make your own spring rolls, is smoky and succulent — perfect with a glass of Viet-style iced coffee.

  • 4 of 21 Desmond Tan

    What he ate: Hotel brekkie

    Yummy factor: The best part about staycations is arguably the lavish breakfast spread. And Desmond sure didn't hold back, indulging in pancakes, perfectly-done eggs, grilled sausages, fresh bakes, curry, and more. Brekkie was probably more enjoyable with his fur kids in tow. Hello Hoshi and Udon!

  • 5 of 21 Felicia Chin

    What she ate: Salmon dishes from Pink Fish

    Yummy factor: It’s no secret that Xiuhuan enjoys good food… and feeding others. The ever thoughtful actress surprised Felicia with wholesome treats from the Norwegian fast-food joint like salmon burger, poke bowls, cod nuggets and waffle fries. Too sweet!

  • 6 of 21 Terence Cao

    What he ate: Taiwanese nosh

    Yummy factor: When Terence isn’t busy working on his F&B venture Sibay Shiok, he heads out with fellow team mates Dawn Yeoh and Xavier Ong for more delish nosh. This time, it was Taiwanese street food at 8 Degrees where they enjoyer slurp-worthy oyster mee sua, cold noodles, egg rolls, mixed ball soup, and more.

  • 7 of 21 James Seah, Elvin Ng, and Chew Chor Meng

    What they ate: On-set eats

    Yummy factor: According to Elvin, there’s always yummy food whenever Chew Chor Meng’s around on the set of ongoing drama The Heartland Hero. True enough, the trio were spotted having zi char nosh like stir-fried lala, jumbo cereal prawns and more.

  • 8 of 21 Ya Hui

    What she ate: Old-school brekkie

    Yummy factor: Forget fancy cafe brunches. Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop is what comes to mind when Ya Hui is in need of a good breakfast. There’s just something about the potent combination of kopi gu you, thick slices of charcoal-grilled kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs that makes it so satisfying.

  • 9 of 21 Qi Yuwu

    What he ate: Christmas feast

    Yummy factor: Well, it sure looks like the Qi family has started on the festive feasting already. Plus, Yuwu’s birthday (Nov 28) is the perfect reason to indulge — think Christmas specials by Peach Garden like baked turkey with lemon and butter, pineapple rice with melted cheese, sausages, ham and more.

  • 10 of 21 Thomas Ong

    What he ate: Hearty lunch

    Yummy factor: Never mind it was only Tuesday, Thomas headed to Saturday House for a hearty meal, ordering at least three dishes for himself — oven-baked nachos cheese, collagen-braised seafood bee hoon and the teriyaki chicken lunch set. We’re not judging — a man’s gotta eat, right?

  • 11 of 21 Shaun Chen

    What he ate: Dim sum

    Yummy factor: Shaun's date out with wife Celine Chin saw them indulging in fancy dim sum at the Cantonese restaurant at Xin Cuisine — think delectable bites, braised lobster with ee-fu noodles, poached sea peach with rice wine, and roast duck with tea leaves. No wonder they were all smiles.

  • 12 of 21 Chen Xiuhuan

    What she ate: Homemade canelés

    Yummy factor: Good friend Phyllis Quek remembered how much Xiuhuan enjoyed her freshly-made canelés last Christmas, and decided to bake her a batch as a treat. Safe to say, they were so delish that they didn’t last a day — Xiuhuan devoured them all as soon as she got them.

  • 13 of 21 You Yi

    What she ate: Taiwanese favourites

    Yummy factor: Although You Yi is not be able to travel to Taiwan for now, she certainly got her craving for Taiwanese must-haves — from lu rou fan to beef noodles, crispy chicken cutlet and more — satisfied locally at Isshin Machi.

  • 14 of 21 Constance Song

    What she ate: Durian chendol

    Yummy factor: We’re loving the looks of Constance's chendol from dessert shop Tian Wang. Check out the generous heap of fresh durian, perfect for fans of the creamy flesh.

  • 15 of 21 Pan Lingling

    What she ate: Hairy crabs

    Yummy factor: Dinner for Lingling was a sumptuous pair of hairy crabs steamed to perfection and enjoyed with a side of vinegar at home. Fun fact: Despite being a fan of steamed hairy crabs, it was Lingling’s first time preparing the dish on her own — a successful attempt to say the least.

  • 16 of 21 Michelle Wong

    What she ate: Ramen

    Yummy factor: It looks like hawker stall Ramen King has found itself a fan in Michelle. She had their gyozas and kurobuta tonkotsu ramen, and loved how tender the pork slices were. She recommends getting the spicy version for an extra kick.

  • 17 of 21 Evelyn Tan

    What she ate: Italian favourites

    Yummy factor: Evelyn was transported to Italy for an afternoon at Arteastiq Depatio, where she sipped on lychee and oolong tea whilst sampling dishes like Tuscan Butter Salmon, Pancetta Roast Pork Belly and Paccheri Beer Butter (her fave). We must say that the Champagne Vanilla Gelato looked delectable too.

  • 18 of 21 Tasha Low

    What she ate: Comfort food

    Yummy factor: As tempting as the food at Black Tap looked — think crispy brussels sprouts, wings and buttermilk fried chicken tenders — Tasha’s strawberry shake with pink and blue cotton candy and matching pearl chocolate stole the show with its decadence.

  • 19 of 21 Constance Lau

    ​​​​​​​What she ate: Festive creations

    Yummy factor: Constance got over the mid-week hump by indulging in Italian resto The Cliff’s festive day season of menu — think a most colourful endive and persimmon salad, tender braised beef cheek, and ginger-cinnamon ice cream with cherry compote and yoghurt meringue. Yum.

  • 20 of 21 Jaime Teo

    What she ate: Peking duck

    Yummy factor: A trip to Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck saw Jaime spending precious time with both her mum and daughter, Renee — all whilst enjoying fried bait fish for starters, as well as the restaurant’s signature Peking duck dish. Must’ve been a treat.

  • 21 of 21 Zhai Siming

    What he ate: Too much dessert

    Yummy factor: When you can’t decide between ice-cream flavours and really want to sink your teeth into some crisp Belgium waffles, make it two and have all four ice-cream scoops to go with them like Siming did.

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