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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Nov 5-12)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

This week, Li Nanxing had a cosy birthday celebration at home with artistes Constance Song and Guo Weile, Zoe Tay got her sliced fish soup fix at one of her regular haunts, Chen Yixin ate her weight in wagyu, and Fann Wong wanted to cry when big boy Zed did not want to sit with her when they dined out. Read on for more.

1 of 21 Zoe Tay

What she ate: Fish soup from Blanco Court Fresh Fish Soup

Yummy factor: Zoe missed the sliced fish soup from Blanco Court so much, she headed back to Beauty World Food Centre to satisfy her craving. The piping hot soup was probably perfect for the sweater weather we’ve been experiencing over the past week.

  • 2 of 21 Cheryl Wee

    What she ate: Longevity peach buns

    Yummy factor: It sure wasn’t easy for Cheryl's hubby Roy Fong to make longevity buns from scratch as a birthday gift to mum-in-law, beauty maven Jean Yip, but he pulled off the feat anyway. Safe to say, the auspicious buns with red bean filling got Cheryl’s munch of approval — never mind that the initial versions reminded the 34-year-old heiress, who just gave birth to her third child, daughter Elly, of boobs that have been bitten by latching babies.

  • 3 of 21 Felicia Chin, Chen Diya and Carrie Yeo

    What she ate: Homemade hotpot

    Yummy factor: Felicia’s dinner with The Freshman's Diya and Carrie was a bubbly affair with a homemade hotpot feast and flutes of champagne over at Diya’s. And Felicia was in luck too — the singer’s mum had prepared fried ngoh hiang for the ladies to enjoy with their delish spread.

  • 4 of 21 Constance Song

    What she ate: Cha chaan teng staples

    Yummy factor: Constance satisfied her cravings for the flavours of Hong Kong at Friends Cafe, where she had quite the variety of cha chaan teng nosh like curry fish balls, French toast, beef noodles and more. While the food is super yummy , be prepared to wait as there is a long queue.

  • 5 of 21 Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, and Zed

    What they ate: Pizza

    Yummy factor: Even though Zed wanted to dine at a separate table from papa and mama Chris and Fann (much to her dismay), they did enjoy each other’s company from a distance — all while tucking into their pizza and what looks like steak and mash.

  • 6 of 21 Olinda Cho and Ann Kok

    What they ate: Desserts

    Yummy factor: It sure looks like Olinda and Ann had the best time indulging in some of life’s greatest pleasures — going gai gai before kicking back over cupcakes, drinks and chocolate granola bowl at Plain Vanilla.

  • 7 of 21 Chen Yixin

    What she ate: A whole lot of meat

    Yummy factor: Sizzle sizzle! Yixin and boyfriend, actor Gavin Teo, were at the opening of Japanese barbecue restaurant Yakiniku-GO Plus at Suntec City, where they indulged in A5 Miyazaki Wagyu, Wagyu Platter, and more. Check out the marbling!

  • 8 of 21 Michelle Chia

    What she ate: Asian food

    Yummy factor: After indulging in European foods for weeks, Michelle, who has been live streaming around Germany, probably started craving for some Asian food and headed out for comforting noodle soup with actress Mickey Ho. The warm broth must have been a real treat on a chilly night.

  • 9 of 21 Zhang Yaodong

    What he ate: Multi-coloured sheng jian bao

    Yummy factor: ...In flavours like chilli crab and pork, spicy dried shrimp and even a vegan option at newly-opened specialty restaurant No Signboard Sheng Jian. Yaodong also had fried rice and noodles, as well as chilled coconut papaya pudding — all of which got a thumbs up from him.

  • 10 of 21 Li Nanxing

    What he ate: Birthday eats

    Yummy factor: From fancy cakes topped with macarons and desiccated coconut to a sumptuous dinner (we spy juicy fried prawns, fried rice and more) with artistes Constance Song and Guo Weile at home, it sure looks like Nanxing, who turned 57 on Nov 7, had a blast celebrating his special day despite the cap on visitors.

  • 11 of 21 Jade Seah

    What she ate: Hawker fare

    Yummy factor: It’s a thing now for Jade to cycle to her food haunts. This week, she made her way to Ang Mo Kio coffee shop Choice @ 338, where the no-frills prawn noodles hit the sweet spot for her with its flavourful broth and reasonable price point — perfect with silky-smooth chee cheong fun drenched in savoury sauce on the side.

  • 12 of 21 Lee Teng

    What he ate: Stinky tofu

    Yummy factor: What better way to reminisce about Taiwan than to fry up some stinky tofu to snack on? Well, that’s what Lee Teng did with his Taiwanese wife Gina Lin at home, and while they enjoyed the pungent treat, we’re not too sure about their neighbours.

  • 13 of 21 Jaime Teo

    What she ate: Hakka yong tau foo

    Yummy factor: Jaime got herself a comforting bowl of Hakka-style yong tau foo at a friend’s newly-opened resto, Nanyang Culinary Club, and her taste buds got to take a walk down memory lane — the recipe hasn’t changed since she had the same dish as a teen, and the portions just as generous.

  • 14 of 21 Noah Yap

    ​​​​​​​What he ate: Century egg porridge

    Yummy factor: Earlier in the week, Noah found himself falling in love with the Cantonese-style congee from Zhen Zhen Porridge at Maxwell Food Centre. It was too bad that the fried dough fritters were sold out for the day — they would have gone so well with his comforting bowl of thick, silky-smooth goodness.

  • 15 of 21 Chen Xiuhuan

    What she ate: Seafood galore

    Yummy factor: Sunday was all about spending time together for Xiuhuan and her family, all while indulging in the feast prepared by the actress. Think platters of flower crabs, prawns, steamed fish and seafood beehoon with lots of crispy lard for extra oomph. Yum.

  • 16 of 21 Kunhua

    What he ate: Scholar soup

    Yummy factor: Noodle stall Hakka Pang by ex-Antoinette chef-owner Pang Kok Keong has found itself a fan in Kunhua, who indulged in their scrumptious Hakka noodles with Scholar Soup. Traditionally made by Hakka mums for their children, this hearty dish comes with plenty of ingredients like pork slices, pork skin and offal.

  • 17 of 21 You Yi

    What she ate: Fusion fare

    Yummy factor: At Tipsy Bird Gastrobar, You Yi had everything from Szechuan mala karaage and wagyu beef cubes to burnt cheesecake with ice cream for dessert. Her favourite for the night, however, was probably the aromatic and wok-hei laden Moonlight Truffle Beef Hor Fun.

  • 18 of 21 Belinda lee

    What she ate: Guacamole and chips

    Yummy factor: Belinda’s meal at Mission Inn Riverside in California was certainly a memorable one for her. Not only did she get to catch up with her in-laws, she absolutely enjoyed the 119-year-old restaurant’s interior decor. While she didn't quite fancy the pasta, the guacamole and chips, which are her fave, more than made up for it.

  • 19 of 21 Denise Camillia Tan

    What she ate: Cheese platter

    Yummy factor: Denise's co-stars for upcoming drama series In Safe Hands — Fang Rong, Romeo Tan, Jarrell Huang, Tyler Ten, and Zane Lim — sent her a delectable cheese platter with berries and cold cuts for her birthday (Nov 6), and we love how it’s sized just right for her to indulge on her own.

  • 20 of 21 Apple Hong

    What she ate: French-inspired Thai cuisine

    Yummy factor: Boy was Apple glad she didn’t cancel her al fresco dinner plans at Raffles Courtyard 'cos of the recent rainy weather — their collaborative menu with private dining chef Vincent Pang of Pun Im tantalised her taste buds with dishes like flavourful one-bite wraps and crispy rice crackers with a delectable pork and peanut sauce, as well as creative interpretations like red curry duck confit and more.

  • 21 of 21 Ferlyn Wong

    What she ate: Japanese cuisine

    Yummy factor: It’s been a while since Ferlyn got to have fried salmon skin, and she’s determined to have her fill of the crisp treat with mayo on the side. That, along with a yummy-looking donburi, sushi and ice-old Sapporo beer.

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