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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Oct 1-8)

​​​​​​​All the photos that made us hungry this week.

​​​​​​​All the photos that made us hungry this week.

​​​​​​​All the photos that made us hungry this week.

This week, Fann Wong and Zed celebrated Christopher Lee's Best Actor win with a breakfast of champions , Zoe Tay made Yvonne Lim’s prata dreams come true, and Michelle Chia who tucked into one her must-have childhood noms. Read on for more.

1 of 20 Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, and Zed

What they ate: Breakfast of champions

Yummy factor: …Literally. After all, Christopher had just bagged his second Golden Bell Award the night before (Oct 2). The Lees, who were on a staycation at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, celebrated Chris' win with a sumptuous brekkie in their suite, digging in to everything from breads to dim sum, prata, and more.

2 of 20 Cheryl Wee

What she ate: Fried Hokkien mee from Hokkien Mee Master

Yummy factor: One of the perks of being family with the chef of home-based business Hokkien Mee Master (the man behind the wok is Cheryl’s uncle, realtor Dennis Wee) is you can skip the long waiting list and enjoy his wok hei-laden fried noodles anytime. Check out the generous serving of prawns, sliced squid, and crispy ikan bilis — perfect with fried lard bits and thier homemade sambal belacan.

3 of 20 Yvonne Lim

What she ate: Prata for supper

Yummy factor: When it comes to thoughtful gestures, it’s hard to beat Zoe Tay. When she heard that Yvonne was craving crisp prata with fish curry, Ah Jie personally delivered some over, and even tapow-ed some shiok bandung to go with the food. How sweet is that?

4 of 20 Thomas Ong

What he ate: Nostalgic tuckshop nosh

Yummy factor: Thomas made his trip to Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop in Woodlands worthwhile by ordering enough items for three to share. Think grilled chicken chop, fried spring chicken, fried onion blossom, and what looks like laksa pasta — all of which got his munch of approval.

5 of 20 Felicia Chin

What she ate: Heartwarming dinner

Yummy factor: It probably felt like a telepathic moment for Felicia, who couldn’t be happier to have a loved one send over her fave fried rice with pork chop to the set of her upcoming Mediacorp drama Leave No Soul Behind — she was just thinking about having the Din Tai Fung specialty recently.

6 of 20 Vivian Lai

What she ate: Celebratory noms

Yummy factor: With the PSLE exams over and done with, Vivian brought her daughter Ariel out to decompress over happy carbs — think hearty bibimbap and noodles balanced with fresh fruits and salads on the side. There was even a celebratory cake and a hand-drawn exam script with “A1” on it. Kudos to the restaurant for being so thoughtful!

7 of 20 Xiang Yun and Chen Yixin

What they ate: Japanese nosh

Yummy factor: It’s only the second time Xiang Yun and Yixin had a mother-daughter date since the latter returned to Singapore from filming overseas in July. Well, they’ve definitely made up for lost time with a mouthwatering Japanese meal at Sen-ryo, where they shared a bento tray of assorted items including sashimi, seafood and warabi mochi, as well as the DIY Hokkaido uni set. Yum.

8 of 20 Jeffrey Xu

What he ate: Birthday dinner

Yummy factor: For his birthday (Oct 3), Jeffrey’s manager celebrated the occasion with him over xiao long bao and more at Crystal Jade — definitely a welcome treat to catch up over.

9 of 20 Michelle Chia

What she ate: Mee siam

Yummy factor: Mee siam was always a post-swim staple for Michelle — she’d always get a plate of it after her lessons at Toa Payoh swimming complex. Safe to say, the spicy rice vermicelli dish is still one of her favourite hawker dishes — and it tastes even better with a warm cuppa in hand.

10 of 20 Nurul Aini

What she ate: Chicken stew

Yummy factor: Nurul picked out a cookbook from her extensive collection and decided to try her hand at making spicy Korean chicken stew. Filled with lots of carrots, potatoes, onions and succulent meat, the homemade dish proved to be a hit with her nine-year-old daughter Shaista. Not bad for a first try.

11 of 20 Nat Ho

What he ate: Filipino comfort food

Yummy factor: We love how Nat looks absolutely stoked to be digging into sizzling hot sisig, a Filipino dish that’s traditionally made from parts of a pig’s head and offals. After all, he finally got to satisfy his craving for the dish, where the meat is usually broiled and grilled before it’s mixed with soy sauce, calamansi juice and chopped chilli peppers.

12 of 20 Chen Xiuhuan

What she ate: French eats

Yummy factor: Xiuhuan’s early birthday treat (her special day falls on Oct 10) at cosy French resto Brasserie Gavroche was made sweeter by the fact that it was arranged by her daughter, Shalynn Tsai. Their precious mother-daughter date saw them reminiscing their trips to Paris with delectable eats like a shrimp and avo salad, ocean trout tartare, escargots baked with parsley and garlic butter, beautifully done steak and more.

13 of 20 Gini Chang

What she ate: Mod Chinese eats

Yummy factor: A lunchtime visit to Hong Kong chain restaurant Social Place saw Gini indulging in lots of Insta-worthy noms, including the resto’s signature sweet & sour pork on ice — check out that perfect glaze on the crisp batter. Of course, she had to complete her meal with other popular items like the truffle shiitake buns, as well as the adorable pig-shaped pudding chilling out (literally) in coconut milk.

14 of 20 You Yi

What she ate: Steak and fries

Yummy factor: Birthdays are the perfect reason to feast, and You Yi (it’s Oct 11 for her) did just that at French cafe Merci Marcel, where she sipped on cocktails and tucked into her grass-fed Angus steak with creamy mushrooms and homemade thick-cut fries.

15 of 20 Noah Yap

What he ate: Burgers and shakes

Yummy factor: Noah looks legit intimidated by the spread at American diner Black Tap — there’s the juicy Greg Norman burger with a solid half-pound wagyu beef patty, humungous onion rings and blue cheese sauce dip, plenty of sides like brussel sprouts, and of course an OTT cake milkshake with an actual slice on top of the rainbow-sprinkled masterpiece. Hope he went there with an empty stomach.

16 of 20 Ferlyn Wong

What she ate: Seafood bags

Yummy factor: Unglamorous or not, Ferlyn certainly didn’t hold back from pigging out on her dinner spread from Jumbo’s seafood-in-a-bag concept, Hack It. Besides their popular chicken wings and creamy butter seafood pack, Ferlyn had to get Jumbo's award-winning chilli crab. And of course the first thing she reached out for was a juicy crab pincer.

17 of 20 Pan Lingling

What she ate: Lunch at Fire at 1-Atico

Yummy factor: Lingling’s belated birthday lunch with a friend may have been long overdue (her birthday falls on Jun 25), but the food was well worth the wait. They indulged in dishes like cured ocean trout to smoked baby chicken and tender cuts, and even the unassuming bread had a fancy touch — think wood-fired sourdough brushed with wagyu fat and served with smoked sea urchin butter.

18 of 20 Alan Wan

What he ate: Banana toast

Yummy factor: Alan shared an easy and guilt-free recipe for banana toast, and healthy snacks have never looked so delish. Think crisp bread with a generous spread of almond nut butter, topped with pan-fried banana slices and a smattering of chia seeds for added crunch. We wanna make some now.

19 of 20 Evelyn Tan

​​​​​​​What she ate: Aussie-inspired brunch

Yummy factor: Evelyn’s all about embracing slow living of late, so when the YES 933 DJ caught up with singer-songwriter Marcus Lee Jun Wei over brunch at Bearded Bella, she made sure to savour both the conversations and delish food, like seared scallops and capellini pasta tossed in truffle oil and yuzu ponzu.

20 of 20 Gerald Koh

What he ate: Anniversary meal

Yummy factor: Gerald celebrated his sixth wedding anniversary with wifey Thia Zhi Xin at Dusk Restaurant & Bar, where they enjoyed picturesque views of cable cars gliding to and fro Sentosa while enjoying their dinner — beer-battered fish and chips for him, and prawn capellini for her.

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