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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Sep 10-17)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

This week, Felicia Chin had a most heartwarming after-work dinner thanks to boyfriend Jeffrey Xu, Zoe Tay met up with gal pals Phyllis Quek and Hong Zhaorong for a luxurious high tea sesh, and Joanne Peh showed us how she zhngs her instant noodles. Read on for more.

1 of 20 Zoe Tay, Phyllis Quek and Hong Zhaorong

What they ate: High tea

Yummy factor: After a morning hike, the ladies cleaned up for a swanky high tea sesh at The St Regis Singapore, nibbling on tiers of canapes, scones and chocolate desserts. In fact, Phyllis was so full that she declined Zoe’s offer to go cycling later in the evening.

2 of 20 Jeanette Aw

What she ate: Soupy goodness at Zhang Liang Mala Tang

Yummy factor: From the looks of it, Jeanette’s a fan of the creamy mala broth at the Chinese chain, where she ate to her heart’s content (we spy lots of beef slices and greens) from a bowl bigger than her own face. Jeanette may be petite, but she sure has a healthy appetite.

3 of 20 Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu

What they ate: Late dinner

Yummy factor: Aww.. Not only did Jeffrey make it a point to fetch Felicia from work, he made sure his girlfriend was well-fed too with a simple yet hearty meal of steamed rice, egg and fried goodies on the side. Talk about a meal that fills the heart and belly.

4 of 20 Ya Hui

What she ate: Chirashi don

Yummy factor: With her packed schedule, it’s been some time since Ya Hui has managed to take her time to enjoy lunch. This week, she treated herself to a luxe meal of chirashi don with salmon, scallops, ikura, and Edamame beans. Nice.

5 of 20 Joanne Peh

What she ate: Instant noodles with a twist

Yummy factor: It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but the next time you feel like having instant noodles, try replacing the MSG-laden seasoning with chicken essence. Joanne tossed her noodles with a light sauce of soya sauce and salt before adding chicken essence for flavour and nourishment.

6 of 20 Yvonne Lim

What she ate: Ngoh hiang

Yummy factor: This week, Yvonne had two of her favourite dishes — a mean chap chye from a friend, and delicious artisanal ngoh hiang. She tried the fried mala ngoh hiang, which are chock full of pork, prawn and water chestnut, and pork balls from CAI East, and both passed the taste test for Yvonne.

7 of 20 Cynthia Koh

What she ate: Lobstar’s seafood in a bag

Yummy factor: With a spread like that, it’d be shell-fish not to share. The signature Lobstar Superstar bag Cynthia had revealed a delicious mess of seafood like lobsters, mussels, clams and more, while the Yabbies version features crawfish as its star. Plus, check out the crispy lotus chips with salted egg — it must have been addictive.

8 of 20 Justin Ang and Vernon A 

What they ate: Lobster rolls

Yummy factor: The Muttons got first dibs on Luke’s Lobster’s collaborative menu with restaurants Thevar and Birds Of A Feather — a curry aioli roll and mala-favoured roll with thick chunks of lobster, respectively — and seem to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And in case you’re wondering, the mala roll is a must-try according to them.

9 of 20 Chen Xiuhuan and Pan Lingling

What they ate: Old school snacks

Yummy factor: Lingling and hubby Huang Shinan visited Xiuhuan and they had a most sumptuous tea break-turned-dinner sesh together, munching on old school treats like rojak to curry puffs, popiah and kueh pie tee. Yum.

10 of 20 Tracy Lee

What she ate: Chicken rendang

Yummy factor: Tracy loved the chicken rendang with blue pea rice from Sibay Shiok so much, she was relieved she got two servings of it. Not only was the chicken rendang tender and flavourful, the achar was a winner for her too.

11 of 20 Daniel Ong

What he ate: Steak

Yummy factor: When Daniel isn’t busy serving up a mean steak at Dan’s Steaks, he does head out to get his fix. This week saw him paying a visit to Lawry’s the Prime Rib with his daughter Renee, where they spent three hours slowly savouring their steaks, mash and huge bowl of fries while having a heart-to-heart chat.

12 of 20 Jade Seah

What she ate: Dim sum galore

Yummy factor: Safe to say, Jade ate to her heart’s content at Yum Cha over the weekend — she had everything from assam prawns to KL-style tai lok mee served in a claypot and chee cheong fun with crispy deep-fried prawn roll. We've got our eye on that seafood soup dumpling.

13 of 20 Chen Yixin and Gavin Teo

What they ate: Comfort grub at Neptune’s

Yummy factor: For their lunch date, Yixin and Gavin got themselves the Neptuna Melt with lots of cheese and crisp tater tots, crab and scallop pasta, as well as creamy scrambled eggs to share. What a treat.

14 of 20 Patricia Mok

What she ate: Korean tofu stew

Yummy factor: Aside from grilled pork belly and japchae (stir-fried Korean glass noddles), Patricia couldn’t be happier to finally satisfy her craving for Korean tofu stew, or sundubu jjigae, at K-BBQ resto Myeong Ryun Jinsa Galbi. Her favourite way to enjoy the dish? Have each spoonful of it with rice.

15 of 20 Constance Lau

What she ate: Lobster rolls

Yummy factor: Constance looks like she can’t wait to dig into a lobster roll or two at Wildfire Burgers. We don't blame her. These fluffy, buttery brioche rolls are stuffed with succulent chunks of lobster, drizzled with house-made buerre blanc (white butter sauce) and topped with shio kombu for a touch of umami. Drool.

16 of 20 Jaime Teo

What she ate: McPepper burger

Yummy factor: This week, Jaime found out — unexpectedly or not — that she’s a huge fan of McDonald’s McPepper burger. She had it for dinner, alongside criss-cut fries, buttered corn and a hot latte — a rather unusual combination to say the least.

17 of 20 Hazelle Teo and Chen Yixi

What they ate: Way too much food

Yummy factor: It was probably too late when Hazelle and Yixi realised they went overkill with their sushi order at Sushiro. Between them, they had at least eight plates of sushi, along with other sides — and these were just the ones that had been served. After their meal, they went on to have Chinese dessert 'cos there’s always room for sweet treats.

18 of 20 Michelle Wong

What she ate: Dinner with a view

Yummy factor: Over the weekend, Michelle decided to treat herself to some of the best things in life at Lavo Singapore — delicious pasta and breads, an ice-cold glass of prosecco, and a picturesque skyline view. We bet she felt fully recharged to face the week ahead.

19 of 20 Ferlyn Wong

​​​​​​​What she ate: Beach-side eats

Yummy factor: It’s wine-o-clock for Ferlyn, who had a leisurely time by the beach indulging in yummy eats like pizza, a fried seafood platter and what looks like creamy risotto topped with a generous amount of parmesan cheese.

20 of 20 YES 933 DJs

What they ate: Meat platter

Yummy factor: The YES 933 DJs, including Hazelle Teo, Nico Weibin, and Evelyn Tan, finally got the chance to check out Kunhua’s new abode, and of course they had to have a feast when they were there. This grilled meat platter that comes with chicken, sausages, salmon fillets, asparagus, and juicy portobello mushrooms sure looks delish.

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