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Foodie Friday: What The Stars Ate This Week (Sep 24 - Oct 1)

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

All the photos that made us hungry this week.

This week, Fann Wong surprised hubby Christopher Lee with a Fann-tastic Valrhona chocolate tart on their 12th wedding anniversary, Joanne Peh got busy in the kitchen for a mum-daughter project, and Thomas Ong made a trip down to Ben Yeo's newly-opened beer garden for some pizza (which he ate wearing gloves). Read on for more.

1 of 20 Fann Wong and Christopher Lee

What they ate: Valrhona tart from Fanntasy Bakes

Yummy factor: The couple’s anniversary celebration (has it been 12 years?) was a quiet one at Odette’s, and Fann gifted Chris a rich chocolatey creation — sprinkled with edible gold — from her online bakery Fanntasy Bakes to end the meal on a sweet note. And of course Fann had to request for Chris to follow her bakery’s account — and the last we checked, the supportive husband has clicked on the “follow” button.

2 of 20 Cynthia Koh

What she ate: Delish dinner

Yummy factor: There were no Monday blues for Cynthia, who concluded her day with pretty cocktails at Pierre Png and Andrea de Cruz’s Tipsy Flamingo, along with delectable noms like Szechuan mala karaage, abalone pasta, half a dozen shucked oysters and more. And it's not just the food and booze that Cynthia was in love with. The bar's beachy vibe made Cynthia want to lounge in [her] beach wear and order endless cocktails . Us too.

3 of 20 Benjamin Tan, Bryan Wong, Vivian Lai and Paige Chua

What they ate: Dried scallop hae bee hiam specials

Yummy factor: Thanks to Vivian Lai, her fellow The Heartland Hero co-stars Benjamin Tan, Bryan Wong, and Paige Chua got to tuck into the limited edition dried scallop hae bee hiam dishes from White Restaurant, as well as their signature white bee hoon and fried chicken wings on set. And of course, there was ample fruity teas from her bubble tea brand Teabrary to enjoy with their meal.

4 of 20 Mei Gui, Chen Ning, and Jeff Goh

What they ate: Coriander cake

Yummy factor: While this may be a nightmare for some, the YES 933 DJs, who got first dibs on Baker's Brew Studio's coriander cake, couldn't be happier to dig into the treat. The cake isn't just adorned with the herb, but also infused with it. Their verdict? Yummy.

5 of 20 Jeanette Aw

What she ate: Comfort food

Yummy factor: For someone with her own patisserie, comfort food for Jeanette can be surprisingly simple — a fat almond croissant dusted with icing sugar and a generous caffeine fix on the side.

6 of 20 Thomas Ong

What he ate: Pizza

Yummy factor: The signature thin-crust pizza from Ben Yeo’s izakaya stall, SG Umami, gets a solid thumbs up from Thomas. And according to the happy customer, the crisp pizza (he had their best-selling SG Umami pizza) tastes even better when you have it fresh. One question though, why is he eating pizza with gloves?

7 of 20 Joanne Peh

What she ate: Candied peels

Yummy factor: As part of a challenge from her daughter, Baby Qi, Joanne spent her Saturday making candied lemon and orange peels from scratch. With all the work that went into scraping the fruit skin and boiling them in sugar, we are keeping our eyes peeled (pun intended) for what they will be used for.

8 of 20 Xiang Yun

What she ate: Popiah

Yummy factor: Good Chance Popiah Eating House is one of Xiang Yun’s fave places for popiah, and having the ingredients packed separately for DIY wrapping means the rolled bundles of goodness are as fresh as they get. Plus, we hear the chilli sauce it comes with has a real kick too.

9 of 20 Ya Hui

What she ate: Suan cai fei niu

Yummy factor: Although the bowl of Sichuan-style suan cai fei niu (poached beef slices with picked mustard) in front of Ya Hui is bigger than her face, she remains unfazed by its size and looks pretty stoked to get her chopsticks going. Her verdict on the sour and spicy dish.? It’s yummy.

10 of 20 Kate Pang

What she ate: Old-school western fare

Yummy factor: It was pure serendipity that led Kate and her kiddos to Taipei-based Bolero, an old-school Taiwanese western restaurant she’s been meaning to try. Needless to say, she seized the opportunity and enjoyed the retro vibes of the eatery while tucking into her fried bread “box” stuffed full with prawns and more. As for Aden and Avery, they had steak and fried fish with creamy pasta on the side.

11 of 20 Yvonne Lim

What she ate: Seafood soup from Rayben King Seafood Soup

Yummy factor: Brimming with ingredients like lobster chunks to flower crabs, prawns, scallops and more, we can only imagine how rich and umami Yvonne's seafood soup is. According to Yvonne, the chilli is pretty shiok too.

12 of 20 Jernelle Oh

What she ate: Japanese nosh at The Public Izakaya

Yummy factor: Star Search 2019 finalist Jernelle's dinner spread which includes oden, yakitori and kushiyaki skewers looks most delectable. Pity she had to wait 45 minutes for the skewers and by the time they arrived, she was too stuffed and had to tapow them.

13 of 20 You Yi and Vincent Lim

What they ate: A very heavy lunch

Yummy factor: You Yi and Mediacorp newscaster Vincent Lim met up for a hearty lunch at The Lokal, where they shared the T-bone steak with sauteed mushrooms, mixed greens and truffle fries, along with a spicy roast chicken and soba salad. Talk about a coma-inducing spread.

14 of 20 Cheryl Wee

What she ate: One-of-a-kind cake

Yummy factor: Cheryl’s kiddos were kept busy at home with a fun DIY cake kit from Cake Spade, and Cheryl got to enjoy the fruits (or should we say cake?) of their labour with hubby Roy Fong. And although their “artwork” turned out a little messy, Marc and Emma did a pretty good job of prettifying the chocolate cake with colourful sprinkles and icing.

15 of 20 Nick Shen

What he ate: Hong zhao ji

Yummy factor: As Nick’s late mum was Hock Chew, hong zhao ji, or red glutinous rice wine chicken soup, was one of his favourite dishes as a kid. Safe to say, the homely dish from online brand Red is Good brought back sweet memories for him, and he promptly devoured the comforting chicken broth with their signature fried rice.

16 of 20 Belinda Lee

What she ate: Hearty brekkie

Yummy factor: Looks like breakfast is Belinda's favourite meal of the day. The actress is currently visiting her in-laws in California and check out the generously-sized brekkie she had. Think eggs benedict with bacon and grilled vegetables, fluffy pancakes, and a warm cuppa to wash it all down.

17 of 20 Jean Danker

What she ate: Deluge of sweet treats

Yummy factor: From the cutest sweet treats to fancy desserts and more, Jean definitely had her fill of sweets on her 43rd birthday (Sep 24). And aside from the beautiful cakes she received, there was also a good ol’ kueh lapis that stood out for its frills-free simplicity.

18 of 20 Jade Seah

​​​​​​​What she ate: Galette

Yummy factor: Jade’s a fan of galette, a type of savoury crepe made from buckwheat flour, and approves of the one she tried at cosy French resto Le Faubourg — a delicious, crisp rendition featuring serrano ham, camembert cheese, roasted tomatoes and more. Ask for the Odeon if you’re keen to have the same.

19 of 20 Evelyn Tan

​​​​​​​What she ate: Brunch noms

Yummy factor: Because Evelyn dreamt of having luscious strawberry tarts, she went out and got herself some over the weekend. For her, leisurely Sundays are made of picture-perfect bakes, caffeine-free berries tea and delicious eats like a smoked salmon and avo salad.

20 of 20 Carla Dunareanu

What she ate: Kimchi stew

Yummy factor: The KIN actress couldn’t look happier — it’s probably because of the shiok combination of having a whole pot of piping hot kimchi stew with lots of tofu and rice to herself, as well as chilled soju on the side.

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