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Ekin Cheng tries to limit wife Yoyo Mung’s video game-time; gets hooked as well after she invites him to play

If you can't beat them, get, um, sucked into it as well?

Let this be a cautionary tale for those of you who know someone close to you hooked onto a game.  

Former-TVB actress Yoyo Mung, 49, is a huge fan of the  The Legend of Zelda  action-adventure Nintendo Switch game. 

In fact, Yoyo likes the game so much she reportedly got her husband  Ekin Cheng, 55, obsessed with it as well. 

The newest release of the The Legend of Zelda game, which now takes up a lot of Yoyo and Ekin’s time

Earlier this month, Nintendo released the latest version of the game, The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, which got fans — like Yoyo — extremely thrilled.  

On the day of the release (May 12), Yoyo, who's been  living and working in Japan  since last year, shared on her Facebook page that she had already got her hands on the new game. 

She then quipped: "I think I need to apply for leave from my company," before disappearing from the public eye into the world of  Zelda  for the next ten days. 

When Yoyo finally resurfaced on her socials, she confessed that she was so obsessed with the game that she barely ate or slept. Ekin even had to remind her to take a break,  "stop playing and go to sleep at 2am". 

But Yoyo made a counter-offer to her husband by asking him to join her Zelda exploits.  

Look who's the one who can't stop playing the game now? Yeap, it's Ekin

"Why not I gift the game to you?," asked a cheeky Yoyo.  

Apparently Ekin has become a Zelda convert now as well though we’re not sure if she now nags at him to take a break from playing.  

The next day, before the couple was heading out, Ekin was the one who cajoled Yoyo: "Let me play for a while more before we leave." 

How the tables have turned.  

Photos: Yoyo Mung/Facebook, chinapress 

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