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Eric Tsang Loaned Natalis Chan A “9-Figure Sum” During The 2008 Financial Crisis, The Latter Delays Retirement To Return The Favour

That's what friends are for.

Hong Kong veteran host Natalis Chan, 72, announced earlier this month that TVB game show Da Hen Kuai Hao Shi Jie will be his last onscreen gig before retiring. 

However, he might have spoke too soon. 

Just four days ago (Aug 15), Nat turned up
 at the press conference for the Yan Oi Tong Charity Show, where he revealed that he would not be taking a step away from the spotlight just yet as he has a "favour to return".

He said that since announcing his retirement, he has received many calls, one of which was from his pal Eric Tsang

According to Nat, Eric, who became the general manager of TVB last year, had lamented how the host was retiring just when he took up the role in the company. He then asked Nat to “give him a chance”.

Natalis went on to share that during the 2008 financial crisis, Eric had loaned him a nine-figure sum to help him with his financial difficulties. 

“Maybe he doesn’t even remember [this incident], but I still hold it close to my heart. I was lucky to get out of the tough situation fast, and of course managed to pay him back within a week or two,” said Nat, who added that the loan really helped him then. 

Remembering Eric's selfless deed, Natalis decided to push back his retirement plans and will now commit to doing “another one or two shows". 

However, there's a limit to how much work Natalis will take on.

“I’ve always enjoyed life [but] hosting and singing brings me stress. Now, I really just want to enjoy life, and relish in the things I do in showbiz,” he said. 

Photos:, Sinchew News

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