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Ex-TVB Actor Lee Chung Hei Used To Run A Hotpot Restaurant, Says He Had A Hard Time Hiring People To Wash Dishes

"You have to wear gloves for the entire day. Not only will your hands 'rot' and turn smelly, you will also develop lots of skin problems," he lamented.

Some of you may only know 48-year-old Hong Kong star Lei Chung Hei (李忠希) from his days acting in TVB dramas, but did you know he actually started out as a singer?

In 1996, he released his album Tai Zhao Jin which won him the Best Male Newcomer (Bronze) award at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation.

In an old interview that was recently posted on Douyin, Chung Hei revealed that he used to earn more than HK$1mil (S$182K) a year, and that he had spent his money on a sports car, as well as an apartment that cost over HK$10K (S$1.8K) a month to rent.

The video has garnered more than 2 million views.

However, in an interview with Hongkong news media hk01, Chung Hei clarified that he never made millions, and that the most he made was about HK$10K (S$1.8K) a month, but that only lasted for a year.

He really does not like washing dishes

In another interview posted by the same Douyin page, Chung Hei, who used to run a hotpot restaurant, shared about how he had a hard time hiring full-time staff to wash dishes as it's very tiring job and doesn't pay well.

He added that the hours were really long, and that sometimes he had to help wash the dishes when they were short-handed. 

"[You] Have to wear gloves for the entire day. Not only will your hands 'rot' and turn smelly, you will also develop lots of skin problems. It's very tough," he complained.

Photos: chinapress

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