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This Former Taiwanese News Anchor Discharged A “Piece Of Flesh” After Experiencing “The Worst Period Pain” In Her Life

Sophia Chou, 42, said it was “2cm thick” and “10cm long”.

While many women experience menstrual pain during that time of the month, former Taiwanese news anchor Sophia Chou has been fortunate enough to usually avoid it until last year… and it was so bad that she ended up in the emergency room.

Recently, the 42-year-old, who is now a bilingual event host, revealed on variety show Hello Doctor that she rarely gets bad period cramps, so she has never really paid attention to what one can do to relieve such discomfort.

Then, some time last year, she suddenly started having “the worst period pain” in her life, which she described as feeling like “several people kicking your stomach”.



    At that time, Sophia wasn’t sure if she was having cramps or suffering from diarrhea, so she decided to just sit on the toilet and see what happens.

    And what happened was that she discharged a “blood clot” that was “2cm thick” and “10cm long”.

    Needless to say, Sophia was shocked and quickly took a photo of whatever it is that came out of her body before rushing to the emergency room with her family.

    Upon seeing the picture, the doctor told Sophia that it didn’t look like a blood clot, but a “piece of flesh” instead.

    Insert shocked emoji here

    Insert shocked emoji here

    According to her doctor, that strange substance may have been tissue that was not completely cleaned out after Sophia had a C-section the year before, and it was in the process of being expelled when it came out with her menstrual blood.

    An obstetrician-gynaecologist who was also on the show shared that the pattern of the first three periods after giving birth may not be the same as before so there’s no need to be worried if something unusual happens.

    However, if the pain becomes too unbearable like what happened to Sophia, then it is advisable to seek medical care.


Photos: Sophia Chou/Facebook, Hello Doctor/YouTube


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