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Jackie Chan's Ex-Mistress Elaine Ng Lashes Out At Daughter-In-Law For Calling Her To Ask Why She’s "Still Alive"

We know that some daughters-in-law don't get along with their mothers-in-law but this takes the cake.

Is Jackie Chan’s ex-mistress Elaine Ng, 49, a mother-in-law from hell? Or is her daughter-in-law Canadian influencer Andi Autumn, 34, the real terror? 

It’s no secret that ex-beauty queen Elaine is extremely disapproving of her daughter 23-year-old Etta Ng's marriage to Andi.

Not only has she openly criticised Andi for being lazy, she also revealed that she's learning English so she could understand what the latter is scolding her.

And in one of her recent posts, it looks those lessons have paid off. 

She doesn't even have to say the name and everyone already knows who she's ranting about

Last week, Elaine took to her Weibo to deride a certain someone for “teaching [her] child how to ask their teacher to return her tuition fees” and “to not study and enjoy life.”

“Thank you for coming to my house and taking away all my stuff to sell,” ranted Elaine.

Though she didn’t explicitly say who she’s referring to, netizens were quick to assume that Elaine's shots were directed at Andi.

Elaine then went on to lament that she had called "the cops to chase the foreigner back to Canada" but had no choice when "[her] child chose love and went with [said foreigner]."

“Calling me in the middle of the night to ask me why I’m still alive?” she wrote. "Today I learnt this is what love is all about”. 

Since then, netizens have taken Elaine's side, with one chastising Andi for how she "led an underage child astray, then made use of her and ruined her entire life.”

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