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Japanese Actress Kyoko Fukada Reportedly Dumped By Boyfriend Because Of Her Drinking Problem, Said To "Drink Champagne Like Water"

A netizen had witnessed their fight, which took place in the middle of the street at midnight.

Things haven't been great for Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada. 

Last May, the 39-year-old was diagnosed with adjustment disorder, and had to take a break from work to focus on her treatment. 

Shortly after getting back on her feet, the actress tested positive for COVID-19 in January and was forced to go on another two-month hiatus. 

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for Kyoko, last month, she was seen having a massive quarrel with her boyfriend, 44-year-old real estate company president, Hiroyuki Sugimoto, in the middle of the street at midnight. 

Reports later claimed that she got dumped by her boyfriend of three years and that he broke up with her because she has a 
drinking problem.

Kyoko is a very popular actress and singer in Japan and is known for her roles in movies like Kamikaze Girls and Tenshi.

While it's no secret that Kyoko enjoys a tipple or four, it's said that her drinking problem has gone from bad to worse. 

Rumours claim that the actress "drinks champagne like water from the moment she wakes up every day" and that she even "sits alone at the bar to drink in the morning."

Apparently, Kyoko "drinking from night till noon the next day" is something that happens very frequently too.

According to a netizen who witnessed the couple's fight, Kyoko looked inebriated and was throwing a tantrum. 

The netizen also claimed that the fight ended with Hiroyuki screaming: "I've had enough, let's break up," before driving off alone.

When asked by the media about the rumour that he and Kyoko have broken up, Hiroyuki simply replied: "There's nothing for me to say."

Photos: Kyoko Fukada's Instagram

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