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Joanne Peh Was Hurt When People, Including Colleagues, Said Her Relationship With Qi Yuwu Was Fake

The actress opens up for the first time about what she went through on a recent episode of Streamers Go Live.

The recent episodes of Streamers Go Live saw live streaming sensation Wang Lei open up about his online “foul-mouthed persona” and how it has affected his family.

Wang Lei and the contestants also spoke about the comments they received on live streams, more specifically, hate comments.

Wang Lei shared that it was important for young streamers to be able to ignore the online hate, and those who are more sensitive and easily offended will find it “hard to pursue this line of work”.

Which led mentor Lee Teng to ask the streamers: What are some hate comments they’ve received online? And how did they respond to them?

Ke Le and Das talk about the mean comments they've received

Yang Guang Ke Le shared that some mean comments targeted at her were “still considered okay”, because they only criticised her voice and her looks.

However, the bulk of the hate consisted of netizens asking the Malaysian to “return to her country” as they weren’t happy she had come to Singapore to make a living.

Das DD then chimed in, saying: “I’m Singaporean, but they tell me to return to my country too.”

He then continued, saying that he has become a target because of his recent appearances on Chinese shows.

He had posted a picture with his co-stars on Instagram, but woke up the next day to Indian audiences asking him why he kept “sucking up to Chinese people” and why he had “betrayed them”.

He expressed his sadness at receiving such comments, because he feels proud to be Indian.

Xixi uses her humour to stand up to the haters

Xixi Lim is also no stranger to receiving mean comments. As a plus-sized star, Xixi is constantly on the receiving end of fat shaming.

Just three months ago, she hit back at a netizen, who kept sending her DMs asking her to lose weight so she could be a “better match” for Glenn Yong, with whom she appears in several productions.

She said she also uses humour to respond to the hate. Once someone said she "took up 80 per cent of the TV screen" and she replied saying: “I didn’t know I had an auto-zoom function”.

Joanne admits that she was "hurt" by the comments back in the day

Then came team leader Joanne Peh’s turn to pass on some advice to the streamers.

“We don’t have to worry that the haters will affect our popularity. I feel that it is important to take the hate comments and stand our ground, like how Xixi did. Through that, others will be able to see your personality and those who like you will support you even more,” said Joanne.

She then went on to talk about how she used to be affected by those who said that her relationship with her then-boyfriend Qi Yuwu was fake.

“There were people who used to say my husband and I were faking our relationship for the Star Awards. There were really so many [comments on this], and even our colleagues said that too. I was really hurt, because we had good experiences working together, but [I] came to find out that they also believed my relationship was fake,” she recalled.

“Why would I lie about my relationship?” continued Joanne, who revealed that they chose to not address the matter at all. Instead, they let time prove everything. 

 Joanne and 715 have been married for eight years and have two children together, seven-year-old Baby Qi, seven and five-year-old Qi Didi.

Photos: Joanne Peh/ Instagram, meWATCH

You can catch Streamers Go Live on meWATCH, or watch the latest episode below.

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