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Kenix Kwok’s Daughter Revealed In Her First Live Stream That The Ex-TVB Actress May Be Returning To TV

The last time Kenix acted in a drama was 13 years ago.

Hongkong actress Kenix Kwok and her actor husband Frankie Lam, 54, have a 12-year-old daughter, Tania Lam

Ever since Kenix gave birth to Tania in 2010, she’s gradually faded out of the industry to focus on taking care of her daughter.

In fact, the last show the 52-year-old actress starred in was the 2009 TVB drama Born Rich.

But after 13 long years, we may have some good news for Kenix’s fans. According to Tania, her mum may actually be making a comeback on TV. The tween revealed this in her first ever Instagram live stream recently.

We’re not sure if Tania is on her way to becoming an influencer, but she's definitely inherited some of her parents’ star qualities, and eloquently switched between English and Cantonese during the 19-minute live stream, talking about a number of topics.

She shared that even though she mainly converses in English at school, she still speaks to her parents in Cantonese at home. 

During the live stream, Tania shared that she had just gone to Disneyland, and was on the way to her friend’s house when she decided to go live.

Tania and her very loving parents

When asked if she watches her parents’ shows, Tania revealed that she’d always binge-watch dramas after her exams.

She could even namedrop her mum’s character, Wong Yerk Se, in 2004 TVB series Shine On You.

Tania went on to reveal that recently, her mum has been into Jang Won-young, a member of Korean girl group IZ*ONE, because she admires the singer's physique.

She then divulged that Kenix is also a fan of K-pop superstars BLACKPINK.

"Initially, my mum's bias was Lisa," she said, "but now she's also starting to like Jennie."

Right before the live stream ended, a netizen asked Tania if her mum would return to filming.

“Maybe, but I will miss her," Tania replied.

As she was saying this, a voice - suspected to be Kenix’s - could be heard in the background saying: “If there’s a good script.”

Photos: Kenix Kwok/Instagram, Tania Lam/Instagram

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