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Korean actor Kim Ji-Hoon doesn’t wash his clothes even after wearing them; says he only airs them 'cos he doesn't have body odour

He also believes that washing the garments would ruin them.

How often do you wash your clothes? The answer would probably be after you wear them, right? 

For 41-year-old Korean actor Kim Ji-hoon, the answer is never.

Do you agree with Ji-hoon that washing your clothes will ruin them?

In a recent episode of Korean variety show My Little Old Boy, Ji-hoon, who's best known for his roles in Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area and Stars Falling From The Sky, proudly told everyone that his mum had praised him for being sensible.

However, his bubble was immediately burst by host Seo Jang-hoon, who revealed that Ji-hoon does not have the habit of doing his laundry.

In fact, many of the clothes in Ji-hoon's closet have never been washed before.

Eww, right?

The actor has an explanation.

According to Ji-hoon, he's someone who's very into fashion, and he believes that washing the clothes would alter their shape. 

He added that if his outfits get stained, he would only clean the parts that got dirty instead of washing the entire piece.

Is airing his clothes really enough to get rid of smell and bacteria? 

We get it that garments like outerwear and jackets don't have to be washed regularly, but as the other host of the show, Shin Dong-yup, rightly pointed out, how can Ji-hoon not wash his shirts and tees that have been in direct contact with his body? 

Though he didn't respond to that question, Ji-hoon said he has white shirts he's never washed before. Not even once. 

"Luckily I don't have body odour. Even if I sweat I just have to air [the clothes] and they'll become dry and crisp," he said. 

He even admitted that the pair of pants he was wearing that day have not been washed since he bought them five to six years ago. 


Host Seo Jang-hoon is known to be a clean freak, and his face just says it all Photos: Kim Ji-hoon/Instagram, star.ettoday

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