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Kris Wu, Who Is In Jail For Rape, Reportedly Asked Why There Wasn't Hot Water During Shower Time

A Taiwanese YouTuber claims he has a source providing "inside information" about the disgraced star's life behind bars. 

Last month, Chinese-Canadian singer Kris Wu, 32, was sentenced to 13 years in jail after being found guilty of rape.

Just when we thought that it would be the last we hear of him, a Taiwanese YouTuber by the name of “Lao Wang”, recently released a video, claiming that he has a source providing "inside information" about the disgraced star's life when he was in the detention centre.

Remember when Chinese influencer Du Meizhu first publicly accused Kris of being a sexual predator? In her exposé, she also likened his privates to that of a “toothpick”?

Thankfully for Kris, Lao Wang has decided to help “clear [Kris'] name”. According to Lao Wang, Kris had to undergo a full body check-up.

Those who saw Kris naked apparently told Lao Wang this: “It is true that the size of his ‘thing’ is average. But it is also not like a toothpick. It is simply a little more 'malnourished' than the average."

Um, okay.

Lao Wang also said that Kris’ cell mates described him as “a fool”.

Apparently when it was time for a shower, Kris would ask why there wasn't any hot water. "He thinks he's at home," said Lao Wang.

Are we going to get more updates?

Lao Wang also said since there are multiple people sharing a cell, those who have been around longer would get the bigger beds.

The “newcomers”, on the other hand, would be forced to settle with whatever space they can find.

According to the insider, every night, Kris was approached by his cell mates who wanted to find out more about showbiz gossip. They would even ask the rapper to give them a “freestyle performance”.

Kris would accede to their requests, so he could secure a bigger bed for himself, and excuse himself from some work.

Aside from that, Kris’ cell mates also said they saw him secretly tearing up at night.

Lao Wang then sighed, saying that besides having one’s freedom restricted, the toughest part about being in jail is the “emotional torture” of not being privy to any current news.

He then ended the video by urging his viewers to be “good people” and advised them to not “challenge the authorities”.

Photos: Sinchew News

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