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Matilda Tao Offers To Treat Customers Who Complained About The “Cold & Undercooked” Food At Her Newly-Opened Mala Stall

Now that's what we call service recovery.

Taiwanese host Matilda Tao, 52, recently started a food kiosk business selling mala food called Laa Cup Cup.

Located at the basement of the bustling Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Nanxi Store 3 department store (yes, it's a real mouthful), the stall attracted long queues and waits of up to an hour on opening day.

Unfortunately, since it was the first day of business, there were a lot of teething problems and customers certainly didn't hide their displeasure with many going online to complain about “staff getting orders wrong”, “undercooked noodles” and “cold food”.


    There was a steady stream of customers on launch day

    There was a steady stream of customers on launch day

    Matilda, who is now serving quarantine after returning to Taipei from Los Angeles where her daughter goes to school, did damage control from her hotel room and quickly apologised to irate netizens.

    “How about if I treat you to [a meal] the next time? Just let me know who you are when I’m at the shop the next time, okay?” she wrote.

    Her response, or should we say, service recovery, impressed netizens, many of whom felt that she “made no excuses for herself” and admitted that she was at fault.

    Matilda later explained to Taiwanese media that the staff at the store were overwhelmed by the number of customers on opening day. What exacerbated the situation was technical problems with the cash register, which led to further delays.

    A pic from a not-so-impressed customer

    A pic from a not-so-impressed customer

    “I asked my manager to go down to have a look after I found out about the situation,” she shared. “The receipts printed didn’t reflect the side dishes that were ordered, so our staff had to write everything down. That’s why food was served late and they turned cold by the time it reached our customers.”

    Photos: PBE Media

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