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Michelle Reis Out Of ICU After Suffering Life-Threatening Condition, Says She “Narrowly Escaped Death”

The doctor said that if she were treated any later, “Michelle Reis would no longer be in this world”.

Former Hongkong actress Michelle Reis has been discharged from hospital after “narrowly escaping death” last week.

According to reports, the 51-year-old former Miss Hongkong was rushed to the intensive care unit (ICU) in the early hours of last Tuesday (Jan 11) after experiencing heart palpitations and difficulties in breathing. She also could not keep her balance.

Sharing her ordeal on Instagram, she wrote: “I spent 48 hours in the intensive care unit. I have narrowly escaped death. I sincerely thank the professional medical team for their meticulous care. I'm really sorry for making my family worried."

According to reports, everything happened very quickly.

Michelle, who is married to Hongkong tycoon Julian Hui, began feeling breathless and discomfort on Monday night.

The next day, on the advice of a doctor, she was rushed to the hospital and was immediately sent to the ICU to drain fluid from her lungs.

Michelle revealed that the condition was related to her congenital heart problem. The sudden drop in blood pressure had affected her vital organs, and her heart, lung, liver and kidney functions almost stopped.

Thankfully, her mind was still alert. If blood could not reach the brain, she would be in a vegetative state.

"Fortunately, I was conscious the whole time. The doctor told me that if I were treated any later, ‘Michelle Reis would no longer be in this world’," said the mother-of-one.

“I am telling everyone about [her experience] because I want to remind everyone to take good care of your body. Nothing is more important than your health. Living is victory. You must remain positive in everything that you encounter. I wish everyone good health.”

    Michelle with her husband Julian and son Jayden

    Michelle with her husband Julian and son Jayden

    After fluid was drained from her lungs, her condition improved. Her heartbeat began to slow down and other organ functions gradually began to recover.

    However, her condition was still not ideal and she was left fighting for her life for 48 hours.

    “You must really take care of your health and cherish life, and don't make those who love you worry," wrote Michelle.

    Photos: Michelle Reis/Instagram

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