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M’sian child star now unable to walk after a chair was pulled from under her during a prank

Not funny at all.

Some pranks just go way too far.

According to Malaysian media, Malaysian child star Puteri Rafasya, 12, fell victim to a nasty prank gone awry while on set on Feb 22.

Another kid pulled Puteri's chair away as she was sitting down, causing the actress to fall hard. She also knocked into nearby filming equipment. 

Puteri’s family recently took to social media to give an update on her condition, revealing that she was diagnosed with fractures in both her bottom and waist. Her nervous system has also malfunctioned, resulting in numbness in her limbs, which have rendered her unable to walk.

She now requires a wheelchair to get around

Puteri is now bed-ridden, and needs a wheelchair to get around. She also suffers from urinary incontinence, and requires diapers and urine bags. 

To date, Puteri’s family have yet to see an improvement in her condition.

They added that they have not received any form of apology or response from the family of the kid who started the prank. Said kid’s family was also described as “cold and unreasonable”, and did not give any indication of wanting to “take responsibility” for the accident. 

According to the media, the kid who caused Puteri’s accident is related to one of the actress' co-stars.

Hopefully, Puteri is able to make a recovery Photos: Puteri Rafasya/ Instagram

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