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Mumfluencer Points Out How Easy It Is To Kidnap Children In Singapore In TikTok Video

Beauty influencer Francesca Tanmizi, who has a three-year-old daughter, shared how the kids in her building followed her home without  informing their parents just because she promised them gifts.

Indonesia-born beauty influencer, Francesca Tanmizi, who goes by her handle @workingwithmonolids on TikTok, often shares her experiences with raising her three-year-old daughter, nicknamed Eve, in Singapore on social media.

From talking about the challenges she faces, to documenting their various outings around the island, Francesca’s videos have been relatable to mums on the app. 

One recurring topic on her page though stands out more than the rest. And that’s when she talks about the safety in Singapore, more specifically, how safe it is for little kids here.

A few days ago, Francesca posted a TikTok where she shared her thoughts on why “kids in Singapore are the easiest to kidnap”. 

“It’s just too safe here. A bunch of kids from the playground in my apartment wanted to go up with me because I had phone cases and toys to give away,” she said. 

She then explained that of the six kids who followed her up “only one thought about calling his mum to let her know where he is”. 

She also thought to assure her followers that the residents in her condo form a tight knit community, where all the parents are in the same WhatsApp group. 

However, when she told the kids that she was going to send their parents a text to inform them that they were following her, they asked her “why”. 

“Because otherwise it’s a kidnapping,” she said incredulously. 

Francesca added that one of the kids waited until they were in her house before mentioning that they “didn’t think their mum was in the WhatsApp group”. 

Luckily, said kid’s mum was in the group, and Francesca was acquainted with her. 

“But yeah, you have to put in an effort to not kidnap children here,” said the influencer at the end of her video.

Comments on the video ranged from netizens agreeing on how they were never taught to not follow strangers home, to how it was simply not worth it to kidnap a child in Singapore

In her caption, Francesca wrote that her daughter Eve also “used to just sit with strangers inviting her to their table”, complete with the hashtag #singaporeistoosafe. 

Netizens found her recount amusing, with many inclined to agree with her take. 

“Kidnap a child? In this economy?” read the top comment on the post. Other Singaporeans also mentioned they were never taught to not follow strangers around as a child. 

Some netizens brought up how convicted kidnappers would be given the death penalty in Singapore, and that would be enough to deter them. 

Other parents also flocked to the comments, where they joked that Francesca could “keep the kids” if she wanted.

Here's Francesca and Eve, who turns four this coming April

Photos: Workingwithmonolids/ TikTok, Workingwithmonolids/ Instagram

You can also watch Francesca's other TikToks to find out about the culture shocks she had when it comes to raising kids in Singapore.

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