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Netizens Accuse Korean Girl Group Member Of Animal Abuse 'Cos Of This Five-Second Video

Never mess with cats and cat lovers on the internet.

Never mess with cats and cat lovers on the internet.

Never mess with cats and cat lovers on the internet.

Korean netizens are reportedly furious with Korean girl group member Winter from SM Entertainment’s aespa, for “abusing someone else’s cat”.

The controversy first arose when the 20-year-old uploaded a five-second clip of her playing with a cat online.

A netizen then reposted the video on a forum, with the title: “Is there something wrong with the way aespa Winter handles this cat?”.

1 of 3 Looks like the cat just wasn't in the mood for scratches

In the video, Winter can be seen scratching the head of the cat, who moves away looking slightly annoyed.

  • 2 of 3 Oh no

    Winter then proceeds to meow at the cat. The cat appeared to be taken aback before making a swift retreat.

    The video was also accompanied by messages from Winter.

    “I failed to communicate. It’s my voice!! You don’t even know my voice?!!!! It’s meeee, I failed to make friends with the cat. When I go meeeooooow, they run away. That’s really cute (sic),” she wrote.

    Sounds like something straight out of a cat lover’s books right? However, netizens didn't seem to think so and have accused Winter of abusing the cat.

    3 of 3 Animal abuse?!

    Some netizens also took offence at how loud Winter’s attempt at communicating with the cat was.

    I have cats and I've never screamed at them once,” wrote a netizen, while another netizen said that Winter's true personality is showing with the way she treats animals”.

    However, Winter's fans have stood up for her.

    I don't think she should get hate for this,” one wrote, while another said that labelling her actions as animal abuse is “too much”.

    Photos: instiz, aespa/Instagram

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